The junior hockey… as in the time

Du hockey junior... comme dans le temps

To see the looks that took the players of Inouk and Braves de Valleyfield during the warm-up period, it was evident that it was going to stir. And you know what ? It has brewed. For the penalty to be apart of that.

For the second time in 24 hours, the Inouk have defeated the Braves, this time by a score of 6-3, Friday night at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin. If you are bored with hockey’s rugged Maroons, who are on the road the past two weekends, you would have got for your money Friday at the arena in Granby, guaranteed !

It has beat, it has played Sherwood, there’s been blows, vicious, etc., This was the junior hockey… as in the time.

In the end, the Braves saw five of their players to be deported, and the Inouk (Samuel Nadeau, Nathan Martel and Simon Lavoie), three. On the bench of the visitors, he remained only five players, including goalkeeper substitute, when the match has ended.

Some 230 minutes of penalties were distributed by the officials, which easily two-thirds to the Brave. The Brave who seemed to be downright to be landed in Granby to look for noise to Inouk.

“Honestly, I don’t understand their strategy, launched Patrice Bosch. If they wanted to intimidate us, it didn’t work. In fact, it was rather awake. Personally, I was worried about our preparation by looking at our players before the match. In the background, maybe we should thank the Brave men ! “

The Inouk have recorded four of their six goals, including the first three, in numerical advantage. Bosch has also had good words for his assistant Santino Pellegrino, who has worked hard on the attack to five this week, it seems.

Through all of this brew-comrade, Raphael Bouchard, who has collected two assists, has not ended the match. He seemed to get a bad shot in the third period.

“It was pretty intense thanks like match, has launched Tristan Belliveau, who has managed two goals and a pass. It is true that we don’t see that often in our league. But we won and that is what’s important. “

Leblanc with a goal of Longtin

William Leblanc approached a small trickle of the record of 55 goals from Érik Longtin. Since the Inouk will be at home Sunday (against Lac-Saint-Louis) and next Friday (to Gatineau), Will The Thrill will surely mark Longtin in front of his supporters.

Leblanc is more than four points, also, the magic number of 100.

Laurent Minville, Jeremiah, Major and Vincent Lampron (they added a pass each) have recorded the other goals of Inouk, who are always tied with Longueuil in the third place in the overall standings of the junior League AAA to the result of the matches played on Friday. Louis-Philippe Denis has amassed three assists.

Nicolas Desgroseillers was the best of the Braves with two goals. Derek Dicaire has scored on a penalty shot to add a little more to this match very special.

Marc-Antoine Dufour, who had a shutout until the third minute of the third period, was pushed out of 26 washers. The Inouk have launched no less than 51 times on Samuel Richard.

“We just pick up four points in 24 hours. I am very happy, ” said Patrice Bosch.

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