March 30, 2023
The killer, Ursula is released and causes outrage on TV news

The killer, Ursula is released and causes outrage on TV news

Ursula Barbara Paz was arrested and released in the penultimate chapter of Beyond Illusion. Although denounced by Joachim (Danilo Mesquita) as a murderer, witnesses indicated that he was a kidnapper. Heloisa (Paloma Duarte), the villain has been given temporary freedom. Slipping into the Globo Opera at six in the morning caused discontent from part of the audience.

By appearing imaginatively, at the end of the chapter, to Ready against David (Rafael Vitti), The shrew sparked discussion about the bad story, mainly due to Onofre (Guilherme Silva), until then the suspect in the murder that sent the shrew behind bars, He spent long days playing chess, even without his rudeness.

On social media, part of the audience was not understood to see evil in action. Lillian Neves wrote on Twitter: “I didn’t understand Ursula outside of prison. I killed someone.” “Ursula did not make much sense to obtain provisional release on the same day that she was arrested,” Rodrigo Derek confirmed on the same platform.

While other netizens were outraged to see the snake at large as a killer and kidnapper, while Emília (Gaby Amarantos) pays for her crimes in Xilindró to cheat the casino. Sergio Santos posted on the networks: “Emilia got five years. Ursula won temporary freedom. This unfortunately depicts the truth of the laws. The poor black woman was caught with a crime, and the white woman who committed a murder in her back, is free.”

However, some viewers commented that these are different situations. “Ursula will respond to the operation freely, just as Emilia responded,” Alessandra Vitusa explained on Twitter, referring to the fact that Emilia has been convicted and that Ursula will need to await trial.

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