August 14, 2022
The Last of Us Part I contains the first gameplay trailer

The Last of Us Part I contains the first gameplay trailer

distance Recent leaks in Our last part 1 Which took place on social media, Naughty Dog revealed, Thursday evening (21), the first official announcement of the game and the features of the new version of the title.

Content provided by Neil Druckman, co-chair of Naughty Dog, director Matthew Gallant, and creative director Sean Escaig. Here, it is explained how the new version was produced for the new generation.

The most notable differences were with the graphics, but there are also references to the improvements applied to the physics of the game, as well as its more smooth reproduction at 60 frames per second and many other functions. Additionally, there has been much praise for the PS5’s hardware, which “generates a number of visual benefits”. paying off:

In the PS . BlogSIE’s Director of Content Communications, Syd Schumann, explained that The Last of Us Part One “was rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of a new generation of graphics capabilities.”

The PS5’s powerful hardware yields a number of visual benefits, from more intense physics with tons of slashable collisions (bullets can now run through concrete objects) and cinematics now seamlessly transitioning into gameplay.

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As far as playback settings on the new generation are concerned, the game will have options in 4K Native at 30 fps or 4K Dynamic at 60 fps. Of course, support features DualSense (Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers) 3D audio was confirmed again on this occasion.

The last part of the US will have permanent death mode, skins, and more

Finally, as noted in the PS Blog, “Naughty Dog has worked with their community to incorporate some fan requests” which includes a permanent death mode (as in Our last part 2), which is a position to focus on playback speed And a chain of unlockable skins for Ellie and Jewel.

Our last part 1
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In addition, the new version will include more than 60 accessibility options, including a new audio description mode, to ensure a “rewarding and inclusive experience for all”.

The last physical release of Part One is now in pre-order in Brazil

If you’re thinking of buying the first part of The Last of Us, there’s good news: the game’s physical media is already available for pre-order in Brazil. Check details!