The Latest News of Joe Biden’s Presidency: Live Updates

Representative Jody Hayes, who supported former President Donald Trump’s efforts to challenge Biden’s victory, has announced that he will run for Georgia’s foreign minister in an effort to oust Brad Ravensburger, who has infuriated Trump over his resistance to the mistake. Voter fraud claims.

“Every Georgian, in fact every American, has the right to be angry at the actions of our foreign minister,” Hayes said in a statement announcing his candidacy for the post.

Georgia, the red state that turned blue in the 2020 election, became the focus of Trump’s refusal to accept his loss, as the then-president put pressure on elected state officials there to cancel the results.

Ravensberger has repeatedly rejected Trump’s demands, including in a phone call obtained by The Washington Post in early January, in which Trump urged him to “find” the votes he needed to win the state. When Ravensburger refused and told him his corruption allegations were untrue, Trump threatened him, saying he was taking a “big risk.”

After Trump’s repeated attacks, Ravensburger and his family received death threats.

Shortly after Hayes’ announcement, Trump backed the rival in his bid to oust Ravensberger with a swift pass over the incumbent.

“Unlike the current Georgia foreign minister, Judy is proceeding with integrity,” Trump said in a statement, adding that “Judy will fight fraud and will achieve honesty in our elections!”

There is no evidence of voter fraud widespread in Georgia or any other state.

“If elected, I will instill confidence in our electoral process by adhering to the Constitution of Georgia, imposing meaningful reform, and aggressively pursuing those who commit voter fraud,” Hayes said.

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