March 29, 2023

The law grants automatic residency to Brazilians who are in Portugal; Check the rules and who can benefit

The new system aims to welcome migrants who are already on Portuguese soil and who are waiting in line to be able to regularize their status.

Frank Nurnberger Brazil has the largest immigrant community in Portugal

The new residence permit form entered into force on Portugal For immigrants from the community of Portuguese-speaking countries. The new automatic residence system aims to welcome immigrants already on Portuguese territory who are in line to be able to regularize their status. In an interview with Young Pan NewsManuel Furilla, expert in international law at FMU, explained the news: “There is a band that stopped for analysis. Therefore, there is an overburden of Portuguese services to analyze immigrant documents. The measure aims to remove this burden, for the time being, until Portugal reformulates its policies regarding These are the realities that we have, which is to reach those who are from Portuguese-speaking countries such as Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and Timor-Leste, who are already in Portuguese territory and who have already submitted a prior application for residency.” The new law grants a one-year residence permit, allowing immigrants to legally work, enroll in courses or rent real estate, even without a residence visa. For the issuance of the certificate, a fee of 15 euros (about R$83) is charged. The document is valid for one year and must be renewed after that period.

The image of Brazilians who go to Portugal has changed and most of them are no longer people without higher education seeking unskilled jobs. According to Furriela, people with higher incomes immigrate to the country: “There are a number of advantages to this social class. Most of the foreigners are those Brazilians who were looking to live in Miami, for example, and found an alternative in Portugal. It is a crowd with more purchasing power.” Including ease of transport.In a few hours you can get from Lisbon to a big Brazilian capital, for example.There are a number of advantages seen by this social group.There is still an influx interested in going there, but it is from a social profile that has strength greater purchasing power, seeking a better quality of life than another type of benefit, such as working there.”

Portugal’s economic situation is one of expansion and growth, and immigration policy is part of this process. However, the international law specialist emphasized that there are legal issues that need to be resolved by the Portuguese government: “We are awaiting an amendment in Portuguese immigration legislation, which is supposed to be made by the end of this month, to give more clarity to these recent changes and re- Basically organizing the country to have an immigration policy to meet its demographic interests and labor shortages.” According to the National Institute of Statistics, Portugal’s gross domestic product grew by 6.7% last year, the highest increase in the last 35 years. For 2023, the Bank of Portugal estimates a growth of 1.5%.

*With information from reporter Victor Moraes