July 23, 2024

The law that allows sidelining iOS advances in the United States – MacMagazine

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App Store, Developer, TestFlight e Connect
App Store, Developer, TestFlight e Connect

The United States Senate Judiciary Committee The no-confidence motion was passed today by a margin of 16 votes to 6 American Invention and Selection Online Law, Developed in the wake of a lengthy investigation by the US Congress, against possible monopoly practices Great technologies. As The information comes from The Wall Street Journal.

The bill aims to prevent large companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon from abusing their power on their own platforms in favor of their products and services rather than competitors. With approval, the plan should now go to a full vote.

If the law is implemented systematically, it will mean significant changes in the App Store Marginalization – That is, the possibility of downloading applications from third-party stores or directly on iPhones and iPods.

Last Tuesday, Timothy PowderleyApple’s director of government affairs in the United States has strongly criticized the move, saying it was “irresponsible” with user data. Marginalization Make them vulnerable to malware, ransomwares And other types of fraud.

Although the project is particularly important focus Great technologies New amendments will be added to include US companies and other foreign companies – such as TikTok, for example.

In addition American Invention and Selection Online Law, The Committee is expected to vote Open the Application Markets Framework Within today.

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