The leader of the Bloc at the dawn of a ” charm

Le chef du Bloc à l’aube d’une opération charme

The old success “On The Road Again” by Willie Nelson trots out probably in the head of Yves-François Blanchet today.

It is a bit like the time when he basked in the music world, the chief bloquiste is about to take the road to go to visit every nook and cranny of Quebec.

His tour begins in the capital on Tuesday. Mr. Blanchet will stay there also the next day and the day after. He assures that he will be there as a beginning.

The independence leader is toying with the ambitious goal of visiting “nearly all the districts twice rather than once”. It is matching “up to the month of June to go anywhere”.

The prospect of having to make this trip-lightning does the stuns not; on the contrary, the idea packs it at the highest point.

Yves-François Blanchet sees of course this initiative as a great opportunity to meet with many voters, but also as a chance to “reconstruct the organization of the Bloc québécois in places”.

At each of his stops, he promises to “feed the momentum” in favor of its training policy, which, according to him, is already clearly felt in public opinion.

Obviously, Mr. Blanchet also intends to take advantage of his tour to flay the federal government highlighting what it perceives as failures.

Chantier Davie

For example, even if Ottawa has recently expressed its intention to offer, from 2021 onwards,maintenance contracts from a dozen frigates the shipyards Irving, Seaspan and Davie which are established respectively in Nova Scotia, British Columbia and in the Province of quebec, the chief bloquiste has the firm intention to continue to address the fate of this latest venture by the ruling class in canada.

“Even if Quebecers pay their share of taxes, they have nothing” in the immediate future, ” he said. In his opinion, for the moment, their “money is being diverted to Halifax and to Vancouver”.

Mr. Blanchet will make a stop at the shipyard Davie, on Tuesday, to show his support.

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