September 30, 2023
The letters of Romolo and Pizzolano characterize the locker room at Cruzeiro x URT;  Watch behind the scenes |  Sea trip

The letters of Romolo and Pizzolano characterize the locker room at Cruzeiro x URT; Watch behind the scenes | Sea trip

New season, new characters and a chance for fans Sea trip Learn a little from the dressing room, now under the leadership of Paolo Pezzolano. The club released a behind-the-scenes video of their star-studded victory on the URT, 3-0 (watch above).

With a highly revamped squad, it was up to the “older players in the house” to take the lead before entering the field. Romulo, the captain in the first game of the season, was the athlete who made the biggest speech. The demand for the guild was to put Sea trip Back to the right track.

Delivering results and adding value, that’s what it is Sea trip represents from now on. Communicating the result is giving the best, it’s fighting, not being soft, asking to leave when you’re tired, because you’ll have a mate who’s in good shape. Knowing that everyone was chosen here and deserves to be here.

“Adding value is character, it’s the heart, don’t open your arms when your partner makes a mistake. If you have to argue, discuss it here, but Sea trip You should be strong from today.”

Paolo Pizzolano gives a pep talk before Cruzeiro x URT – Photo: clone

If Romulo is a relic of last year, Paolo Pezzolano made his debut in the star-studded jersey. On the edge of the field, the coach was calm, with rare moments of intense anger. In the locker room, it was different. A fiery speech that asks above all to surrender. The coach also made sure to tell the players that in that match, he cared more about the team’s situation than the outcome.

“We can all make mistakes, okay? It’s part of the game, it’s football. But never stop running. If you’re tired at some point, look at the shield and keep running. Nobody will run faster than us.”

Today I want to see a strong team that knows how to win matches. Then the results come in, but I want to see a team that infects people from the outside, infects every single one of you. You always have to look for the score with and without the ball.

the Sea trip He played well and mainly drew attention to intensity and the search for attack when he got the ball. The next match will be on Sunday, at 11 am (GMT), against Athletic, away, for the second round of Mineiro.

Five Star Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Publicity