March 26, 2023

“The loan until the end of 2023”; Caio Jorge could return to Brazil and play for rivals Santos


The “hot” information was brought on Tuesday (28) by journalist Jorge Nicola, which led to repercussions in Brazil

Photo: Fernanda Luz/AGIF – Disclosed by Santos, Caio Jorge is at Juventus-ITA.

In mid-August 2021, Cayo Jorge Santos left when he was traded to Italian Juventus, in negotiations that resulted in 4 million euros (equivalent to 24.7 million Brazilian reals) to the coffers. However, since his arrival in Europe, the centre-forward has been unable to succeed, always creating repercussions among Santos fans.

Initially, he started playing for the Italian sub23 team, scoring 1 goal in 2 matches. Then, already in the pros, the Brazilian spent only 11 matches in all his passages through Europe, without swinging into the net even once. He does not rule out a change of scenery and always mentions his name in guesswork.

this time, Who might be interested in the loan is Sao Paulo, who is in trouble for the number 9 shirt: Calleri, the absolute center, has suffered a serious ankle injury and will no longer play for Paulistão, possibly undergoing surgery. His replacement is Erison, who had just signed but was also injured and sidelined.

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF – Caio Jorge has had a bad time since leaving Santos.

as a result of, A solution must be sought in Morumbiso much so that many fans are asking Julio Casares to sign a contract with Alexandre Pato, who was also speculated at Vila Belmiro, but was left out. However, according to journalist Jorge Nicola, the former Santos would be an option analyzed by Tricolor.

Do you accept the return of Caio Jorge to Santos?

Do you accept the return of Caio Jorge to Santos?

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However, according to journalist Gabriel Sá, who always seeks first-hand information from the board of directors of São Paulo, the information is incorrect: “I have consulted the director of Sao Paulo Football Club about the recent rumors regarding striker Caio Jorge. The answer is that Tricolor has not even investigated the athlete.”, published. In any case, it remains to be seen if any movement can occur.