The mad passion of Karl Daigle

La folle passion de Karl Daigle

The return of Karl Daigle motorcycle on ice will be one of the highlights of the 37th Grand Prix Ski-Doo of Valcourt, scheduled to take place February 8 to 10.

Even if he only took a single lap, the driver from Roxton Pond a comeback. It comes from far away… and he takes risks in rembarquant on his bike.

In may 2017, Daigle has been the victim of an accident of motocross. An accident which meant that he had to undergo three operations at a walking distance from… and that it will probably be a fourth before too long.

“But at least, we no longer talk of amputation, at least for the moment, has launched Daigle in conversation with the author of these lines at the end of the press conference of the Grand Prix, held Wednesday morning at the Musée J.-A.-Bombardier. When I was operated the first time, it is clearly in that direction that we went, but we managed miraculously to avoid it. “

Daigle, 29, has always been an active person. It makes the bike on ice and motocross high level for a long time, it’s short and it practice other sports. In fact, one should rather say that he was running and he was practicing other sports.

“This accident has profoundly changed my life, he resumed. Today, I box, I do not do much sport, I can no longer work on the construction as I did before, etc, Everything is different. “

But Daigle has kept this crazy and all-consuming passion for running. It will be in Valcourt, but he will participate before the trials to Mont-Laurier and Lavaltrie at the end of the week.

“I look forward to see how this goes. Is it that I have permission from my doctors ? No ! Is this a good idea ? Probably not. If I return to my bike, it is because I need it, because I really need that. It is too strong in me, it is necessary that I return to it. “

La folle passion de Karl Daigle

The director-general of the Grand Prix de Valcourt, Véronique Lizotte, aims high.


The athletes who are in to motor sports, we repeat, are the most passionate of them all.

“I had a lot of success in Valcourt over the years. The first time I participated in the Grand Prix, I was 13 years old. In total, I had to win a good ten tests. Valcourt, it’s fun, it’s big, it’s the place you do not want to miss. “

And it will be there. At his own risk and peril, some would say. But the passion has no price, will tell others.

Towards a new record ?

With the cold and all this snow we fell over, the organizers of the Grand Prix de Valcourt had the smile rather easy at the press conference. It seems that they are two weeks ahead in the preparation of the site.

“Our raw material, we, it is the snow, and when there is snow in mass, everything is going well, said the director general Véronique Lizotte. In fact, the conditions promise to be so good that we can still dream of a new attendance record. “

Last year, 33,000 spectators attended the Grand Prix, which was already a brand new one.

“It remains the biggest event of the races winter in the world,” said Mrs. Lizotte. And the goal is always higher, this is true. “

Ms. Lizotte and his team were also proud to announce that the Grand Prize is now included in the calendar of the championship of america USSA ProStar Cup, which ensures the presence of a large number of stars of the class ProChamp, the most popular in Valcourt.

Gunnar Sterne, who has triumphed in Valcourt last year, has confirmed his presence, in the same way that the Quebec Steven Marquis and Sabrina Blanchet.

And before you ask the question : no, mononcle Jacques has not announced a return…

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