September 21, 2023
The magnetic field in the US and recent tremors may be related

The magnetic field in the US and recent tremors may be related

Earth's magnetic field
Negative effects can be mitigated through effective earthquake forecasting.

Recently, researchers have been studying The process of producing large and moderate earthquakes Found from Two or three days ago In an actual earthquake, a A change in the local magnetic field. In theory, geological forces are already at work, deforming the crust, albeit in a subtle way. That can be done Helps predict disaster closer

oh study Published by William Hevlin and his team Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid EarthHe said that The signal weakening of the magnetic field change is statistically significant. With the results obtained in this study, seismologists believe By improving this technique, earthquakes can be predicted.

“We’re not saying this signal precedes every earthquake, but it’s very intriguing,” said Daniel Schneider, co-author of the study and director of QuakeFinder, a computer engineering services company.

According to Department of Earthquake Research gives Star Solutions, This idea The magnetic field changes before an earthquake Controversy has always existed. Because, despite many creations, the Geographical Service America emphasizes that There is no solid evidence for electromagnetic precursors to earthquakes; And, for decades, researchers have debated this issue.

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Scientists, along with the team Google Accelerated Sciencewas used Magnetic field data at 125 sensor stations with large errors California. Data were collected from 14 years (2005-2019), in which the period 19 Earthquakes measuring 4.5 or greater on the Richter scale.

According to Daniel Schneider, Data interpretation was a complex process Inside Machine learningBecause Magnetometers can detect other processes in their linesTraffic etc. at that time rush. That is the idea Optimize samples to remove excess noise Magnetometer environments.

In the future, a team of scientists will use Data from remote stations for assistance At Ambient noise cancellation, such as solar activity, also interfere with magnetometer responses. The findings of this research are suggestive Progress of new studiesMay be Regular detectable changes in the magnetic field support the construction of an earthquake prediction system.

The researchers identified a signal indicating changes in the magnetic field between 72 and 24 hours after earthquakes.

For now, the idea of ​​using small changes in the magnetic field to predict tremors may seem controversial. But more thorough investigations can help uncover secret whispers of failure at the breaking point. It can be a Good reason to keep searching!