The major ambitions of Elliot Cardin

Les grandes ambitions d’Elliot Cardin

The year 2019 will be rich in competitions for the rider in trail Elliot Cardin. The 25-year-old has big ambitions, and his meteoric rise in the sport suggests that its objectives could be achieved.

The Bromont has been the success and, despite the injuries that have slowed down in 2018, he wants to run faster and further than ever before.

“Elliot is someone really intense,” says his girlfriend Deborah Faucher, who shares his life with him for the past five years. When he starts something, he goes really to the bottom, so it is sure that it has evolved fairly quickly. When I knew him, he was training, but would not run. He has known the race by my brother-in-law who had done his first marathon. It had inspired Elliot. “

The greatest distance that it has travelled so far is 100 km when it had finished second at the Quebec Mega Trail. For 2019, the ultra-marathoner has as its objective to cross the finish line of a 160 km.

“When he has an idea in mind, it does not loose the song,” says his brother Raphael.

“I think one of the reasons why Elliot is to be monitored in 2019, it is because it is an all-round athlete,” says his friend rider Alexandre Sauvageau. It is very strong muscularly, it is fast, and as we all know, it is very tough. It is someone who is very ambitious. It packs easily for projects. “

To avoid injuries

According to Alexandre Sauvageau, the rider vegan is to listen to your body and decreases the frame rate when it is injured. His friend and roommate Paul Lavoie — also runner — rather believes that the training volume of Elliot Cardin leads him to getting hurt.

The athlete began the year 2018 sick, he then suffered an injury in a iliotibial band and, at the end of the year, it is an abductor of the hip that has failed, forcing it to shut down completely. This succession of injuries should teach him how to better leverage the training, believes Mr. Lavoie. However, ” he is hungry. He’s really looking forward to train and, when he’s really looking forward, he can do no wrong, 100, 120, 140 km in a week “.

There is no doubt that these injuries do not prevent the student in naturopathy to achieve its goals and rise again on several podiums. And this, without a coach.

“He never follows something really strict, note his lover. It is how he feels. He has his friends running. At the beginning of the season, they meet and make a calendar of competitions. He will choose the volume of race it’s going to do per week depending on competitions. “

Contagious Passion

“This is a person who is highly motivated, has a positive attitude quite incredible, writes Alexandre Sauvageau, who even speaks of contagious passion. I think these are the qualities that are essential to perform well in the race. Elliot, despite his young age, reflects the image of the athlete running in the mountains with her side grano and her look hippy with his long hair. Add to this that he performs well and he is ambitious. I find that it provides a beautiful frame for the mountain run, especially in Quebec, and that it is just to give the taste to others. I think it is a good influencer for this sport. “

The two competitors are well-known in April. Both were running already on the trail and, since they are of the same level, they began to train together. In their training group, Paul Lavoie, Alister Gardner and Hélène Michaux. Together, they give each other challenges and push each other.

“When we train together, there’s always a friendly competition that installs, tells the story of Paul Lavoie. When one climbs a mountain, the last 200 meters are always at the bottom to test that is going to happen first. If you do squats, it is to know who will make the most. It is a healthy competition. “

In addition to the test of 160 km, of which the destination is not yet determined, the athlete wishes to obtain the points necessary to qualify for the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, in Europe.

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