November 29, 2022
The man who stepped on a venomous stone-faced fish sounds the alarm

The man who stepped on a venomous stone-faced fish sounds the alarm

Naturalist Daniel Brown has given an impressive account of how he narrowly escaped a horrific death after he nearly walked on a “stone fish” exploring rock pools at Lee Point, near Darwin, in northern Australia.

It is the most poisonous fish in the world. When a stonefish penetrates human flesh, its venom can cause heart failure in about half an hour, or cause severe pain that lasts for days.

The pain is so severe that “people can die from the shock of pain within the first few minutes. The venom can kill, causing cardiovascular collapse,” Brian Fry, an assistant professor who leads the University of Queensland’s Toxicology Evolution Laboratory, told Newsweek. Usually 30 minutes after the sting.” Finally, he left some good advice: “If you see a stone fish, stay away from it.”

The animal has a peculiar shape that resembles – and very often – stones found in the sea, and hides among the sand and rocks, like a master of camouflage. Fish store their venom at the base of the 13 sharp columns that cover the dorsal fin, and when they feel threatened, they use the venom as a form of defense.

“Watch out where you step on the beach, folks. Not all rocks are really rocks. We went to explore the rock pools at Lee Point at low tide on Sunday. We were looking for the most dangerous octopus in the world.” [polvo de anéis azuis]. We didn’t find it. Instead, we found the most poisonous fish in the world! “