December 2, 2023

The Mandalorian │ 5 news revealed by the Season 3 trailer

Disney and Lucasfilm have released a new trailer for Season 3 of… The Mandalorian, which hits Disney+ on March 1st. The video introduces many new scenes and more details of the plot, focusing mainly on the revelation of the reunion of Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and little Grogu and on the new journey of the masked hero.

The series should explore other aspects of the universe star Wars which never really delved into the live-action productions, such as the story of Planet Mandalore and the gap between the events of Return of the Jedi And The Force Awakens.

More than that, there are still some surprises, such as the appearance of some Jedis, which show that the idea is to bring the series’ plot closer to the entire series’ mythology. At the same time, the new episodes should explain why 2023 is Pedro Pascal’s year, with a greater focus on his relationship with little Baby Yoda.

5. Mandalore Diaspora

The trailer has already opened giving a hint of what will be the main plot of the entire series: the diaspora of the Mandalorian people. This topic had already been mentioned in the previous season, when the story of the Mandalore Purge was introduced and how the Empire’s attack on the planet caused this race to spread aimlessly across the universe.

Which The Mandalorian He now suggests that Din Garen should take a leading role in rebuilding this people. And this will be an intriguing dynamic, as it has to be connected to the character’s much more personal journey – forgiveness for breaking his vows to never take off his mask.

The trailer shows the hero surrounded by other Mandalorians and with somewhat inspirational rhetoric evoking this drive. Which is a curious thing, since this is a role the character turned down at the end of Season 2, when he discovered the Darksaber’s significance in the imagination of the people of Mandalore.

And while the video doesn’t offer anything in that direction, this whole plotline involving Dean Jaren emerging as the leader of this ruined planet should once again put him face-to-face with Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff), who he was meant to be. The focus of this reconstruction.

Regardless of all this, the simple fact is that The Mandalorian Viewing more about the planet Mandalore, its past and the conditions of the present is an already expanding universe star Wars at impressive levels. Until then, the little we know about him has only been shown in animation and it’s a very rich and interesting part of the story.

4. Din Djarin’s Personal Crusade

Another point highlighted by the trailer that isn’t much of a surprise is the personal journey of the protagonist. As we have already indicated in Boba Fett bookDin Jaren was expelled from his cult for taking off his mask in front of other sentient beings, and in order to receive forgiveness of his sins, he would need to return to Mandalore.

It is not yet clear how this journey to the planet will lead to such salvation and it is very likely that this will set him on the path of rebuilding and leading these people scattered across the galaxy. For this very reason, it is very likely that we will see more of these moments in which the protagonist’s faith will be confronted with much more earthly issues.

One intriguing detail of the trailer is that it implies that Din Djarin teaches a little Grogu to be a Mandalorian within this religious prejudice. There’s nothing really concrete about it, but it would be fun to see Baby Yoda end the season with a little mask.

3. Latent danger

Despite all that great tone The Mandalorian Built over the past two seasons, everything leads to the belief that new episodes of the series should bring a more serious and political plot that runs parallel to Dean Djarin and Grogu’s father-son relationship. The trailer talks about “something serious going on out there,” hinting that political issues will return to the fore. star Wars.

The line is spoken by Carson Tifa (Paul Sun Heung Lee), a Rebel Alliance member who has crossed paths with the Mandalorian several times. And he points by all indications to the emergence of a new force in the galaxy that is beginning to worry the former rebels. Not coincidentally, when he says this, we get a glimpse of the scientist who wanted to study Grogu in season one.

This leads to believe it The Mandalorian Further should show the emergence of the First Order as a radical and conservative force wanting to reclaim power and prestige from the empire. It is worth remembering that the series takes place in between Return of the Jedi And The Force AwakensThat is, when the villains of the new trilogy begin to organize themselves.

Teva says this new threat is too big to deal with if nothing is done now. It is the kind of discourse that fits with what we know of the first order and that gives all the political context that has always been so powerful in star Wars This became even more apparent after the success Andor.

2. Jedi in action

The scene featuring the Jedi with lightsaber in hand has a high chance of being just a flashback to Order 66 and the rise of the Empire, but you can’t help but wonder how those flashbacks will fit in. The Mandalorian.

If the idea of ​​the new season is to talk more about the planet Mandalore and the drama its people live through, it seems a bit disjointed to talk more about the Jedi. Unless, of course, the appearance of this First Order is accompanied by a revelation about the Sith of which he is a part. Will we finally learn more about Supreme Leader Snoke?

1. Control of force

Finally, the trailer ends up showing what all the fans wanted to see The Mandalorian: Little Baby Yoda will finally show he has control of the Force. The video ends with Grogu using his semi-good skills against an enemy and doing so without the problems he had in previous seasons.

Until then, using the Force was something that required a lot of the little rubbery alien and he always ended up falling asleep or even not being able to control the Force properly. This time around, however, we see him throw the opponent down more easily and actually go up again.

Although he gave up training with Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in Boba Fett bookit looks like he left the Jedi Path with a few new tricks up his sleeve.