The Maroons are heading to the slaughterhouse at La Tuque

Les Maroons s’en vont à l’abattoir à La Tuque

We have already seen miracles in the world of hockey. Like the one that occurred in 1980 when the Americans toppled the Russians and won gold at the Games in Lake Placid. And it is precisely a miracle, that the Maroons will need, on Friday evening in La Tuque, so that they will play against the Wolves.

Because the truth is that the Maroons are heading to the slaughterhouse. In the Face of the best team of the Ligue de hockey senior AAA, they will point with an alignment more empty than ever. In the late afternoon on Thursday, the coach Miguel Fortin had just 16 players, including two guards, at his disposal.

“We do not hide not, it’s going to be hard, confessed Fortin. But we will stick together. And maybe the Wolves will take us to the light. And if our goalkeeper (Vincent Gervais) is good… “

Unavailable, Jonathan Bouchard, Alex Side, Samuel Deslandes and Christopher Saurette will be added to the list of absentees, which already had the names of Jason’s Crack, Charles Power and Charles-Antoine Jolin, all wounded. David Godbout is still suspended, but the hard Samuel Desruisseaux, Jonathan Fortier and Richard Ball will all be in uniform… and will probably never seen ice in their life !

David Lapierre will be at the side of Fortin to La Tuque. An ex-attacker, perhaps it would be however more useful on the ice !

It will be the only game for the Maroons (8-10-2) at the end of the week and their second-to-last game of the regular schedule. And since it would be surprising that the Waterlois back of The Hat with only a point, it is necessary to get used to the idea that the team will not prevent the first knockout round, this famous two-in-three if dangerous.

If the season ended today, the Maroons (seventh in the rankings) confronting the Metal Perreault in Donnacona (10th).

A suspension is deserved

At La Tuque, on Friday night, the Maroons will still not have to worry about Robby Petiquay which, as we know, has been suspended for a period of five years after assaulting Julien Gauthier de Donnacona.

“The suspension is clearly deserved, commented Miguel Fortin. There are fights in our league, it’s part of the show, but dangerous actions such as the one posed by Petiquay do not have their place. Fortunately, and despite what many people think, it remains an isolated act. “

The senior hockey already suffers from a lack of credibility. And the events in question have only tarnished a little more of his image.

“The image of the Wolf is also tarnished,” added Fortin. And it is a shame, because it is a good organization. Not for nothing, moreover, that they are first in the standings. But in my opinion, the importance of the suspension shows that the league is serious. “

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