The Maroons eliminate Donnacona in the 1st round of the series

Les Maroons éliminent Donnacona au 1er tour des séries

Facing a game without the next day, the Maroons were too strong for their opponents on Sunday afternoon at the arena Jacques-Chagnon. The club waterlois has signed an impressive victory 7-3 to eliminate the Metal Perreault of Donnacona into three parts in the first round series of the national hockey League senior AAA du Québec.

In fact, the Maroons had never won by four goals or more this season.

The veteran Yann Joseph (two goals, two assists) and Alex Hand (one goal, two assists) have led the charge in this triumph. Joseph scored the net victorious, and he who has released his training in the beginning of the third period.

“I am the oldest of the team, I have a lot of experience in the series and I have already won cups. I had played well in the first two games [of the series], but I lacked a bit of finishing. I had to raise my game a notch to allow the team to win. And I think that things have turned out well, ” said the prolific centre player after the duel the decisive factor.

During a recent interview with The Voice of the East, Joseph spoke of his desire to have a major impact for the Maroons. It is now done.

Samuel Cloutier, Marc-André Levasseur and Patrick Smith (twice) were also blink the red light for the premises.

At the other end of the rink, Vincent Bruyère, Louis-Charles Hallé, and Maxime Plante beat the goalie Francois Lacerte.

As was the case the entire series, Waterloo has dominated in terms of shots, this time at the account of 53-29.

During this grueling sequence of three games in as many days, the Maroons were first won 4-2 at home on Friday, before losing 2-1 to Donnacona, the next evening.

Storm waterloise

Despite the accumulated fatigue, the Maroons have started the match strong, causing a real storm in the area in opposition.

Solid since the start of the weekend, Dwayne Rodrigue has been removed from the net after ceding it three times in less than ten minutes. The Maroons had retired to the locker room with a lead of 4-1.

“We came out very strong in all points of view. We became involved physically, what one does is not necessarily in every game, ” said the associate coach with Miguel Fortin.

“When you find yourself at the foot of the wall, it is easier to find the energy. The guys knew that it was now or never. Even if there is a season in the teeth of the saw, they wanted it to continue. “

Metal Perreault has, however, caught the hair of the beast during the second twenty. The purpose of the Plant, which is 5-3 after a failure strong, but inappropriate, Cloutier — has even raised a wind of concern at the arena Jacques-Chagnon.

“We knew that they would not be cut down, they are competitors. […] But at least we responded well, ” noted Fortin.

Enjoying a beautiful pass to Jonathan Delorme in numerical advantage, Joseph has stunned the visitors early in the third period.

For those who would worry the departure of the coach’s partner David Lapierre during the game, he simply had to fulfill its obligations with the program sports-studies of the école secondaire De Mortagne.

Les Maroons éliminent Donnacona au 1er tour des séries

The Maroons have eliminated Metal Perreault from Donnacona in three games in the first round series of the LHSAAAQ.


Important returns

Feeling the urgency, the attackers Charles Power (injured shoulder) and Jason Crack (concussion) have made returns very expected Sunday.

“I was not at 100 %. But our season was in the game, so I couldn’t drop the guys that I am fighting each and every week. I had to at least try, ” said Power.

The two Granbyens will be the first to admit that they have not played their best game. But their presence has brought “a small boost” in the camp waterlois.

Crack and Power, however, could miss the start of the next series in order to continue their healing.

Ready for the sequel

The future opponents of the Maroons were also to be determined at the time of going to press. The Wild of Windsor, and the Formula Fitness Bécancour also had to compete in an ultimate game at the end of the evening.

Even if his club was quite disappointing by finishing eighth in the regular season, Yann Joseph believes that the Maroons are ready to face the elite of the LHSAAAQ, whether it’s the Wolves of La Tuque (1st) or the air Conditioning Cloutier of Cap-de-la-Madeleine (2nd).

“Many people believe that it is already beaten. But considering our performance today, I think we will sell dearly our skin. “

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