The Maroons leave (yet) any way for Inouk

Michel Tassé
The Voice of the East

Les Maroons laissent (encore) toute la place aux Inouk

In Quebec, when the hockey season to your team finishes in the month of February, that means it is a failure. And the season of the Maroons was completed in February… for the second year in a row.

Even this season, the Maroons will go out while it is still cold, and that we are still in the snow above the head. And since the first matches preparatory to the senior hockey only takes place in mid-September, it means that the team will resume life in… seven months!

Seven months is an eternity. It gives mass the time for the supporters to go elsewhere, to find something else, do something else. In other words, it gives them time to leave the ship.

Once again, the Maroons are going to leave any room for Inouk that are, whether we like it or not, their main opponents in the battle to obtain the dollar-recreational hockey fans from the region. So much the better for the Inouk, mind you, who still have a great season and deserve better than the meagre crowds they have had, more often than not since the beginning of the season.

But now, senior hockey is not hockey development. And two years of failure, to the senior, this is unacceptable. In the vast majority of markets hockey League senior AAA du Québec, the coaching staff of the Maroons would have been fired the day after the second elimination early on in the team.

But the analytical Christian Roy, a great patron of the Maroons, doesn’t work like that. And it is so much better for Miguel Fortin et cie, who will have time to prepare a good game plan for the next season and thus, perhaps, save their job.

Still, the people of the Maroons need to look in the mirror. True that important players were injured, but this team has clearly been overrated. Injured not injured, there were still big holes on the blue line and the club was not among the best in front of the net, while François Lacerte has not been bad in the playoffs.

Facing the Cap-de-la-Madeleine, the Maroons had no chance. One defeat in five matches would have probably made it all the more justice, but in the end, they were not in the same league as the air Conditioning Cloutier.

At the organizational level, moreover, the transition between the old and the new owners has not been smooth. David Godbout has not lacked good will, but it will be the first to admit that he has experienced a season very difficult for the presidency. To his defence, he has been a little (not bad) thrown into the mouth of the wolf, without any preparation.


But where will the Maroons next season? This is THE question that is of interest to their supporters and the hockey fans of the region in general.

I have no inside information on this subject. And honestly, I am convinced that, at a time when we are talking, Christian Roy, the one who will decide the future of the team, does not know where his team will continue to evolve in 2019-2020. I believe him to be sincere when he says that Waterloo remains the plan because he knows very well that Waterloo is clearly the best city senior hockey in the region.

But at the same time, he had the impression that the municipality does not treat their club with the respect (or love, to use his expression) that he deserves. And it’s annoying her for the money.

It was at Waterloo that this grant is born, she has grown and it has become something very important in the sports landscape of the region. And this is where she should stay. On the other side — and even going beyond simple financial considerations, it is absolutely true that she deserves more respect on the part of the City.

If everyone does his or her end of the path…

Les Maroons laissent (encore) toute la place aux Inouk

There would have been three losses that have been added to the result of the case of the players being ineligible, the Inouk have beaten a team record for the fewest number of defeats in a season.



The Inouk have finished in fourth place in the ranking of the junior League AAA du Québec. A fourth rank to the bitter taste… because this is not a true fourth place.

Players of Patrice Bosch finished with six points in the head and the Cobras de Terrebonne. Give them the six points they have lost as a result of the case of the players being ineligible and remove the Cobras two points that they have obtained free of charge in the history and the Granbyens are champions of the regular schedule. Nothing less.

One other point : the Inouk have finished with a total of 11 defeats on the regular. Remove-their three losses, always for the same reasons, and now that they find themselves with the smallest number of defeats of the history of the franchise, even if one adds the two defeats in the tiebreaker that they have endured. Once again, nothing less!

Pat Bosch do not like to come back to this story. Perhaps, some might say, because he knows that his organization has escaped. Still, the championship and the record lost, and the thirst for revenge can be the best motivation in the world in view of the upcoming series.

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