The Maroons swept through the air Conditioning Cloutier

Les Maroons balayés par le Climatisation Cloutier

Trailing 3-0 in the air Conditioning Cloutier of Cap-de-la-Madeleine, the Maroons were not entitled to the error in front of their supporters on Saturday night. The visitors, however, have signed on to a victory of 6-3, which came to complete the sweep in the quarter-finals in the national hockey League senior AAA du Québec.

Even if it was clearly not the favorite in this confrontation, the training waterloise underwent a removal rather annoying.

“We have still known a beginning of the game is interesting, but then, the penalties we have done wrong,” said the coach, a partner and managing director, Miguel Fortin.

“But the effort was there until the end. I think our guys deserve raises our hat. It would have been easy to throw in the towel and end the match all weird, bad losers. “

Jonathan Delorme is also estimated that one can put in doubt the desire to defeat his teammates.

“If the guys are making the sacrifice to leave their families on the Saturday evening, even trailing 3-0, is that they wanted to stand and fight on the ice,” argued the defender.

“Hockey is a game of errors and opportunism. They have been the key throughout the series, scoring goals in moments where it was the most evil. “

We will remember also the inertia of the power play waterlois (2 in 13) Saturday night, and during the whole of the series.

In addition to the brink of the abyss, the Maroons were denied veterans Yann Joseph and Guillaume Veilleux, who are injured off the ice this week.

“The absence of Yann hurt, said Fortin. First of all, because it is a center who wins a lot of bets in the game. He also knows the important little details, he knows how to win. His presence in the room and on the ice, makes a real difference.”

To add insult to injury

The air Conditioning Cloutier opened the scoring on a very nice piece of game midway in the first period. Patient in back of enemy territory, Jeremiah Janneteau was spotted by Pier-Olivier Grandmaison at the mouth of the net.

Then captain Olivier Tardif has enjoyed a good very favorable against the glass, doubling the advance of the visitors with a small seconds remaining in the initial commitment.

Tardif has also widened the gap (3-0) at the beginning of the second twenty. Janneteau was then welcomed the goalkeeper Olivier Gervais (who came on in relief to François Lacerte, was wounded in the groin on a sequence that seemed to be trivial) with a goal shorthanded. The Cap-de-la-Madeleine just to add insult to injury.

Patrick Tremblay has caused a bit of hope for the Maroons in scoring on a beautiful feat the individual at the end of the second period.

Jason Larochelle and Charles Power have also outsmarted the goalie Derick Roy at the end of the game. But it was too little, too late.

Just lower ?

Injuries have hurt the Maroons in the series. Jason Crack has not played a single game, while Charles Power was playing with a shoulder banged up.

But some would say that the alignment waterlois just wasn’t the weight in front of the air Conditioning Cloutier, especially at the blue line.

“We had depth, but they had more skills offensive pure, more markers,” admitted Miguel Fortin.

With eighth place in the season and sweep in the quarter-finals, Fortin acknowledges that the campaign 2018-2019 will have been disappointing for the Maroons.

“We had major injuries to major players. It has not helped. We also had an absenteeism rate higher than what was expected. Our confidence was fragile and then stories have made a lot of waves outside of the ice… “

The frustration was palpable in the stands late in the game. A viewer has launched, and then emptied his can of beer on a player from Cap-de-la-Madeleine, while others are taken orally to local skaters.

If this was to be the last game of the team in Waterloo, some would want to keep a bitter memory. Note that the Maroons are still in negotiations with the City to renew the agreement that ended this year.

“Waterloo is not the only municipality in the race. I would say that even it is the one that is the least aggressive currently. The City has not changed its position since the beginning, ” said David Godbout, president and co-owner of the Maroons.

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