The Maroons took advantage of the ice

Les Maroons tenaient à l’avantage de la glace

There will be something special at the arena Jacques-Chagnon Friday night : a game of Maroons!

“As a player then as a coach, it is a little piece that I am associated with the Maroons, and I don’t remember a game on Friday night at Waterloo,” says Miguel Fortin, who was wedded to what the series between the Metal Perreault from Donnacona to his team begins at the arena Jacques-Chagnon.

Over the past few seasons, the series, the Maroons have often started on the Friday evening, on the road, even when the team had the advantage of the ice. For the simple and good reason that the organization wanted to keep its Saturday, the evening traditionally reserved for the senior hockey in Waterloo.

We will, however, stay up late Friday as the match will begin at 21 h. The second meeting, presented Saturday in Donnacona, will start at 20 h. And the third and final, if necessary, will be played at the aréna Jacques-Chagnon at 16 h, Sunday.

“It had no good direction to go in Donnacona, Friday evening, resumes Fortin. We would be back to the house in the middle of the night, with another match scheduled in the evening. In this context, there would have been no benefit from the rink, it has all the same won. “

And God knows that the Maroons have need of all their advantages, they who have experienced the end of the season miserable with four defeats and only one win in their last seven games.

Bouchard suspended

On Tuesday afternoon, Fortin has learned that Jonathan Bouchard is suspended for one match following events occurred on Saturday during the game against Cap-de-la-Madeleine. The Maroons also feared a sanction in the case of Alexandre Coulombe, but it has been bleached.

Supporters of the Maroons pray, finally, to review Jason’s Crack and Charles Power in the alignment the next weekend. If the return of Power (shoulder) is ” possible “, according to Fortin, it is virtually assured that Crack (concussion) will shine by its absence.

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