July 23, 2024

The Medical Cooperative trains professionals to work in medical offices and clinics

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unimed london 28 12 2021Among the various social and environmental projects developed by Unimed Londrina, the training course for supervisors in the health district receives special attention from the employees of the cooperative and partners. The initiative is being held for the fifth year in a row, this time training 15 professionals capable of working in medical offices and clinics.

Employability – “The idea is to enable greater employment opportunities for those who do not have many opportunities, while at the same time introducing qualified professionals to clinicians and service providers,” commented Unimed Londrina’s Director of Sustainability, Fabianne Piojetti. To encourage the recruitment of professionals trained in the course, Unimed Londrina provides curricula for participants in the registered area of ​​the website of cooperating physicians and providers. If other companies want to access CVs, just send an email to
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initiative – The course is an initiative of the Institute of Social Responsibility at Unimed Londrina, it takes 80 hours and depends on the participation of volunteer professors, who deal with many important topics of the profession. Some of the contents developed with students are: self-knowledge, face-to-face and telephone service, routine organization, personal marketing, written communication, mental health in the workplace, diversity, ethics, professional confidentiality, companion role, interview, curriculum, information technology, between others.

Threads – According to Biogetti, written communication and computer science subjects were taught by the National Service for Business Education (SINAC), through a partnership with the Cooperative, and other classes were offered by employees, former employees, Unimed providers, and medical office clerks who worked as volunteers.

impact – Psychologist at Unimed Londrina’s multidisciplinary clinic, Diane Christine Dias, participated as a volunteer on the topic of mental health and diversity in the work environment. He asserts, “What motivates me is knowing the impact of the project on the students’ lives, as well as the real potential to enter the job market.”

Hybrid format – This version of the course was developed in a hybrid form, but the graduation was personal, and was held in the Unimed Londrina hall with the right to a photographer, certificate and dinner set. Explains Peugeti, who describes the moment as a respite in the midst of a pandemic. “It saves hope, in the midst of many adversities, we see people striving to achieve their goals and believing in a better future,” he concludes. (Unimed Londrina Press)

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