The medical license of Oregon state physician Stephen Latolip, who mocked the masks, has been suspended

“How many problems did we face in our clinic?” Asked. “Zero! Nothing at all.”

LaTulippe’s license to practice medicine is now suspended.

Comment explanation Written order FridayThe Oregon Medical Council said Latolip’s disdain for public health measures went far beyond the mere commitment of staff without masks. The council said the Dallas-based physician, OR, not only fails to take basic precautions, but is “actively promoting the transmission of the virus within the expanded community” with his ill example. The council claims that LaTulippe regularly informs patients – especially the elderly and children – with warnings that wearing masks is “extremely dangerous” and can lead to serious health problems.

The Board of Directors’ suspension order states that LaTulippe’s behavior “is inconsistent with medical ethics and poses or may pose a risk to the health and safety of the public.” And accuses him of “gross negligence.”

The Washington Post was not immediately able to reach Latolip for comment on Saturday evening.

A catalog of state board concerns begins with LaTulippe’s alleged July advice to the patient. According to the panel, Latolip told the patient that wearing masks did not prevent the spread of the coronavirus and ordered not to be isolated because exposure to other people would give the patient immunity against the Coronavirus.

The council says the person “was terminated” after a few weeks, after Latolip’s advice was questioned.

Latulip also urged people entering his clinic to remove their masks, according to the State Council, and directed people to a YouTube video containing misleading information. The board rejects the doctor’s claims that the masks will harm people by increasing their carbon dioxide levels: “The amount of carbon dioxide inhaled inside the mask is negligible,” as the licensing suspension order states.

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A board investigator who visited LaTulippe’s clinic on Wednesday found not only a shortage of masks but also no coronavirus screening procedures such as taking a temperature and no hand sanitizer in the waiting area, according to the order. A notice to visitors about carbon dioxide toxicity says “warning signs”.

Many scientific studies They discovered that new infections decreased significantly after leaders ordered people to wear masks frequently. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Tested before the Senate In September, masks are considered “our most important and most powerful public health tool” to fight the epidemic.

Latulip defended his positions publicly, He tells NBC News In a recent interview, he said he believed there was a “bad science” behind his mask-wearing recommendations. Speaking at a Salem gathering last month of Trump supporters – who rallied about false allegations of stolen elections – Latolip said he wanted to expose “Corona Obsession” and claimed that the Coronavirus “remained with us forever.”

It is not the only health care worker facing repercussions due to a dismissive attitude towards the virus and public health precautions.

An Oregon nurse was put on administrative leave last month after bragging over TikTok for not wearing a mask outside of work. As backlash mounts online, Salem Health said in A. statement The nurse “showed an arrogant disregard for the seriousness of this epidemic and her indifference towards physical distancing and covering up from work.”

Marisa Iatti contributed to this report.

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