July 21, 2024

The minimum wage could reach R$1,474 in 2024. Understand

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The minimum wage could reach R$1,474 in 2024. Understand
The minimum wage could reach R$1,474 in 2024. Understand

If it is based on the main trade union centers in Brazil, then less pay From the country he will leave 1,320 Brazilian reals to 1,474 Brazilian reals from january 2024. The proposal was formally submitted and handed over to the Minister of Labour, Louise Marigno. Now, the federal government will analyze the document to decide whether or not to follow what unionists suggest.

According to analysts, the increase in The value of the minimum wage in 2024 To R$1,474 Impact of over R$60 billion on public accounts. The threshold is significantly higher than what governments are used to paying for a less pay over the course of a year.

In any case, psychics advocate that this would be the most effective form of identification The new minimum wage. They claim that this increase can be a starting point so that in the near future pay be able to regain the purchasing power that was lost in recent years, when there was no real increase in value.

Below, check out what’s being discussed about The new value of the minimum wage for 2024.

Minimum wage value for 2024: what’s under discussion?

Federal government He published an official decree forming a new working group to deal with the national policy of strengthening the minimum wage. It is basically a rule that should guide a definition minimum wage value from 2024.

Today, the only rule set forth in the Constitution states that governments must always raise the minimum wage every year. From then on, the president can decide whether to raise the value based solely on inflation (with no real increase), or at a higher level of inflation (with a real increase).

What the federal government proposes

In a recent interview, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Workers’ Party) did not confirm exactly how the new national policy was designed to value less pay. In any case, he indicated that he could resume the model that Labor governments had used in years past.

The president said in an interview with CNN Brasil last February.

In short, Lula’s plan will focus on two variables:

The value that the minimum wage for 2024 may reach shocks Brazilians. Photo: Poder360

This system will always generate a real increase in workers.

What union centers suggest

The proposal for central unions is markedly more daring than the one indicated by the President. Unionists estimate that it will be necessary to grant a larger increase not only in The value of the minimum wage in 2024but also in 2025 and 2026 to restore purchasing power.

With this reasoning, three points will be evaluated:

  • previous year’s inflation
  • Gross domestic product for the past two years:
  • an increase of 2.4%.

According to this logic, the minimum wage will also be permanent real increasebut the value will be significantly higher than that proposed by Lula.

A new increase in the value of the minimum wage in 2023

It should be noted that the president said that he will raise the minimum wage again this year. In an interview, he revealed that the amount will increase from the current R$1,302 to R$1,320 starting from May.

“We have already agreed with the trade union movements, with the Ministry of Labor, with Minister Haddad, that we will, in May, readjust the amount of R$1,320 minimum wage value. “

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