The minister Dufour takes it to Richard Desjardins

Le ministre Dufour s’en prend à Richard Desjardins

The minister of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks, Pierre Dufour, takes issue with singer-songwriter Richard Desjardins, calling it a “tea towel” his recent statements that “nothing has changed” since the publication in 1999 of the documentary “The Error “Boreal” that he had made with Robert Monderie, and which denounced the destruction of the forest wealth of Quebec.

The minister Dufour has denounced strongly Desjardins during the opening press conference of the 40th Salon of the forest at Laval University on Saturday morning. “There are some who will never be satisfied…”, dropped Mr. Dufour, in describing the declarations of Richard Desjardins ‘second Error state “Boreal”. “After the Error to Boreal in 1999, there has been the Coulombe Commission, of which 61 of the 85 recommendations were made”, he remarked. “It is very disappointing to see an author-composer who improvises more, knowing that all the people he has here, at the University.”

“This week we did talk to an individual who told us that nothing good has been done in the last 20 years. May be he is very good as a songwriter, but it is necessary to destroy this type of discourse, which means that an individual is not quite fair to speak also of the good sides (the forest industry),” adds the minister caquiste. Mr. Dufour has also thrown the stone to the media, too inclined, according to him, “to give a voice to those who are against it.”

No moratorium

In short, for the minister, there is no question of going ahead with a moratorium on the logging industry as the demand Desjardins. “Forget it!”, a-t-launched it. “There are 60,000 families that depend on the forest industry. If he wants to close the areas, so be it, but we’re not going in this direction.”

Mr. Dufour admits, however, that the publication of “the Error “Boreal” was justified in 1999. “Let’s be honest, this documentary has its reason to be and it has the merit of having accelerated the awareness. But this “second version” when it tells us that nothing good has been doing for 20 years, I think he has put a screen in front of his glasses and I find it deplorable. In life, it must be fair, and since the publication of the report Coulombe, there are improvements, but he does not want to see. Why not have spoken of the indigenous communities with which it goes well? It is a cloth, which has been said.”

The minister has also defended the national strategy on the wood. “If, with the work that has been done in the past 20 years, we can go look for wood, why not? Here, we have one million cubic metres that could be added and it must have confidence in the chief Forester, who is really independent. I know that 100% of our decisions do not appeal to all, but to see someone tell us that it is better than the 2,200 people who work at the ministry, that, I can not understand it.”

Ecological awareness

The vice-rector executive Université Laval, Robert Beauregard, has insisted on the fact that ecological consciousness was present within the faculty of forestry. “There are critics in the society, it is correct, because it is a free society, that there is freedom of speech. But I think we should certainly defend the hard work done in recent decades. The minister was quite right to insist on the efforts that have been put in to improve our practice”,-he said.

“In our faculty, this is not something that one takes lightly. Our students are aware of the polemical nature of the exploitation of the forest, and I have confidence in our young people who are aware about the improvements that can be made”, concludes Mr. Beauregard.

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