The minister of Culture prevents the demolition of an ancestral house at St. Malachi

La ministre de la Culture empêche la démolition d’une maison ancestrale à Saint-Malachie

The minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy prevents the demolition over the next 30 days of an ancestral house located in the heart of the municipality of Saint-Malachi.

An order of backup was sent to this municipality of Bellechasse, in Chaudière-Appalaches, on the 23rd of January. The city council, which had intended to demolish, will have to wait until the experts from the ministry of Culture to inspect and decide if the building, built in the 1860’s this or no heritage value.

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The minister Roy wants to have “all the elements in hand to make an informed decision and informed in this folder. “

“It is a strong gesture and responsible, which demonstrates the firm determination of our government to deploy all necessary efforts in order to preserve our heritage and our history,” said the minister in an email sent to the Sun.

This is the Group of initiatives and applied research in the milieu (GIRAM) which sounded the alarm last week, worrying about the fate of the residence of the 1201, Main avenue, to St. Malachy. The municipality intends to demolish it to make way for a parking lot.

Gesture rare

It is quite rare that a minister of Culture uses this power to send an order backup for a building threatened with destruction. According to the office of the minister Roy, this power has only been used four other times since 2012, in the case of the Redpath mansion in Montreal, the maison Déry in Charlesbourg, community centre Jean-Marie-Roy, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures and Château-Beauce, Sainte-Marie.

In post for three months, the minister, Roy has already used this power twice, or, in the case of the Castle Beauce, which is the subject of a notice of classification, and in the case of this house at St. Malachi. She wants the municipalities to work more closely with the ministry of Culture when it is a question of heritage.

At the beginning of the mandate, the minister Roy has announced that it started, in collaboration with the minister of municipal Affairs Andrée Laforest, a vast field of awareness to the preservation of the built heritage.

More details to come…

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