October 2, 2022
(crédito: Ernesto BENAVIDES / AFP)

The Ministry of Health records ten new cases of monkeypox in DF

Published on 09/20/2022 21:00

(Credit: Ernesto Benavides/AFP)

The Department of Health has reported ten new cases of monkeypox in the Federal District. As of Tuesday (20/9), 255 cases have been confirmed by lab tests. Another 516 were ostracized and 196 were considered suspects. Most of those affected are male, between the ages of 20 and 39. The most affected administrative regions are Plano Belotto, with 51 confirmed cases, and Aguas Claras, with 33 cases.

The disease, which was first reported in Brasilia in July, is a viral disease. Transmission occurs through contact with contaminated surfaces, secretions or pests from infected animals and people. Despite being known as monkeypox, animals are just as victims of the infection as humans.

The main symptoms of the disease are fever, body lesions, swollen glands, headache, body aches, chills and fatigue. If you have symptoms, the SES’s recommendation is to limit contact with other people, wear a mask and inform your health professional.

National Scenario

According to a bulletin from the Ministry of Health (20/9), Brazil has 7,019 confirmed cases and 5,591 suspected cases so far, and it is among the countries with the largest number of infected people, in addition to the United States and Spain.

in August, The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approved the import Jynneos vaccine (USA) or Imvanex (EMA), from Bavarian Nordic A/S, manufactured in Denmark and Germany. This was confirmed by Minister Marcelo Quiroga on Sunday (18/9). The first 50,000 doses of the immune system will arrive in Brazil by the end of September“In principle, for those who have been in contact with contaminated materials or individuals at greater risk.”