February 1, 2023

“The Miscall of Artists” · TV News

About to return to television as the villain, Theo, from the series Go in the faith, Emilio Dantas did not hold his tongue when he spoke about Regina Duarte, Cassia Case and other actors who have adopted bolsonarianism as a way of life. “I think it’s wrong to call them artists. Art requires empathy,” he said.

“They can be actors, actresses, broadcasters, entrepreneurs, anyway. They can be divided. Now, artists? There’s no way. It’s absolutely impossible for an artist to approve of anything that came from that kind of ideology. That has nothing to do with art.” Dantas continued in a conversation with Mônica Bergamo’s Folha de S.Paulo column.

The actor himself understands that he was never associated with politics, but he had to change this attitude when Jair Bolsonaro took over Brazil. “What the government did in this pandemic made me want to fight something that I thought was so wrong. I started to pay more attention. Today, I see myself as quite a left-wing person.”

Bolsonaro years [no governo] They were dark. There are no words to explain what happened, said the actor, who lost 12 kilos at home during the COVID-19 crisis. “I put everything together, the pandemic and the politics. I was so sad.”

Emilio Dantas hasn’t played opposite Regina Duarte or Cassia Kiss in his career – the latter even took part in Segundo Sol (2018), starring him, but died early in the plot. Still, he has harsh words for both of them.

“To me, it’s very clear that these guys have issues of their own. They put that passion out there [por Bolsonaro] And this violence in politics because they are driven by frustrations and very intimate issues.”

“In Regina’s case, I think it is a matter of pride, unwillingness to admit that she made a mistake. Her passage through the Minister of Culture was a defeat in her career. Her point of view is completely wrong, and she continues to defend it. What is left for Regina to see reality? Bolsonaro ripped off an arm Someone?”, the actor teased.

In his career, Dantas is involved with Unscrupulous personality. Theo is a social climber who, in his youth, wanted to take advantage of everything. Over time, he loses the boundaries of morality and becomes a man with narcissistic traits, capable of atrocities. Vai na Fé premieres on Monday (16), on Globo.

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