November 29, 2022
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The moon and Uranus line up, and the phenomenon can be seen with the naked eye

It is now easy to understand the inspiration for the singers (known as the “stars” of music) to christen the series of performances that they perform in a circle across various venues as a “tour”. The moon, a luminous star that also reflects sunlight, performs a phenomenon known as the “monthly round.”

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The Earth’s natural satellite sort of gets close to and aligns with the planets of the solar system. On Wednesday (12), it will be the turn of alignment with the planet Uranus.

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Best of all, this phenomenon can be seen from here in Brazil as long as the sky is clear, that is, without clouds and without rain. It is best to carry out observation with the help of an endoscope.

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The celestial body will pass only 47.2 minutes from the planet. The conjunction of the Moon and Uranus can be seen at approximately 20:44 (Brasilia time).

Scientists have observed the alignment of the planets of interest to amateur astronomers.