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The most expensive food in the world costs $ 300,000 per kilo: know what it is!

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A comida mais CARA do mundo custa 300 mil dólares o quilo: SAIBA QUAL É!
A comida mais CARA do mundo custa 300 mil dólares o quilo: SAIBA QUAL É!

According to a recent Great Big Story documentary, there is a certain food in the world that is considered the most expensive of all, due to the complexity of its production and the refinement of the processes it goes through. Only one manufacturing unit can be processed in the world.

This food can cost up to three hundred thousand dollars per kilo, which is really expensive and inaccessible to the general public. By the way, can you guess what kind of food can be so expensive that a kilo costs three hundred thousand dollars?

The most expensive food in the world costs $ 300,000 per kilo: know what it is!
Price in the sky – Photo: Credit:jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Dried albino caviar with added gold is the most expensive food in the world

It comes from albino sturgeon, a completely white and not very beautiful, but very rare fish, specially bred by Walter Grohl in Austria. Once the eggs are harvested, they are dried and sprinkled with 22 karat gold leaf and then sold for $300,000 per kilogram. It is also called Strottarga Bianco.

Yes, in particular because to produce one kilogram of this caviar requires five kilograms of eggs and it takes 5-10 years for each “harvest”. Something like $40,000 for a teaspoon. It seems to be soft and very good in risotto, aka white gold.

The eggs produced by the fish do not produce white caviar, but rather golden caviar. You need about 5 kg of eggs to make 1 kg of powder. Albino sturgeon is considered quite rare, and if it comes from the Caspian Sea, then this fish farmer is bred in Austria, where pure water should increase the quality of eggs. A rare and expensive luxury food for the wealthy, whose price is still much higher than the most expensive raw ham or the most expensive cheese.

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There are a lot of expensive foods.

It is clear that caviar is one of the delicacies that are notorious for being very expensive. Caviar, vodka, divine alliance of aromas. There are different types of caviar. Among the most famous of them are diamonds, that is, diamonds because of their white, transparent and shiny color. An exceptional caviar that comes from albino sturgeon and can cost up to 18,300 euros per kilo! Everything served in a golden box. Elegance is a must.

When we talk about gastronomy, we necessarily think of luxurious, luxurious and, above all, expensive dishes. I actually offer you champagne with foie gras toast and smoked salmon, and that only happens on certain occasions like Christmas, weddings or birthdays!

Your budget is still small and your wallet does not allow you to consume it every day. Know that there are foods more expensive than this! and that some people (rich, very rich) spend fortunes to consume it. Real saffron is an example similar to caviar powder. This exceptional orange spice isn’t for all budgets! And for good reason, it can be around 1,500 euros per kilo.

Its usefulness is explained by its rarity and the patient labor required to harvest it by hand. Harvesting a kilogram takes 400 hours of work and more than 150 thousand flowers. Fortunately, it only takes a few grams to sublimate food in the kitchen. Distinguished chefs use it to pair it with fish or chocolate!

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