February 1, 2023

The most read news in 2022 is surprising

2022 was a very turbulent year, therefore, with many reports. Therefore, the Articles Do Frio surveyed the most engaged news of the past year and arranged a ranking with the most read. Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to share the 5 most read news stories in 2022.

The 5 Most Read News in 2022

The selected news, which were the most read in the past year, are from diverse topics, such as trends in the refrigeration business, product launches, and professional qualifications, among others.

Now check out the top 5 most read stories of 2022:

1. Self-service, a trend in the retail refrigeration sector

The news addresses the need for a good shopkeeper to become more competitive and provide an increasingly better service to installers and mechanics. In addition, it addresses what store owners need to have in order to have their own self-service area.

2. The magnetic fan saves energy and provides luxury

The news talks about revolutionary technology based on the studies and discoveries of Austrian-Brazilian physicist Noberto Kebe. That is, the fan with a cold motor, which saves up to 80% of energy.

3. After Historic High, Soda Gas Price Dropped By Up To 60%

This news is about the new record high in fluorinated refrigerant prices in 2021. Fluoride prices are 60% lower and stable in the refrigeration business.

4. Xiaomi’s new division promises to cool the environment in 30 seconds

Bonifica addresses the fact that the Chinese industry of smartphones and other electronic devices – Xiaomi – Promote a breakthrough in the air conditioning industry. The company has launched the Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5 HP in China, an air conditioner that promises to cool environments up to 20 square meters in just 30 seconds. Also, if the air conditioner is in heating mode, the device can heat it up in 60 seconds.

5. Xiaomi sold more than 2 million air conditioners in 2021

The news talks about the record of the Chinese industry, which managed to sell more than two million air conditioners.