August 17, 2022
The mother of the deceased in Jacarezinho will use compensation for moral damage in the amount of R$10,000 from Thiago Gagliasso to distribute warm food in Rio |  Rio de Janeiro

The mother of the deceased in Jacarezinho will use compensation for moral damage in the amount of R$10,000 from Thiago Gagliasso to distribute warm food in Rio | Rio de Janeiro

House wife Adriana Santana de Araujo Rodriguezwhat or what Win a lawsuit for moral damages Against the actor Thiago Gagliasso, he already knows what to do with the R$10,000 he received as compensation: he will distribute hot drinks to the homeless.

Drica, as she is also called, is the mother of Marlon Santana de Araujo, one of the dead in the Jacarezinho operation, which ended with 28 dead, whose photo was linked to drug trafficking when it was confused in a video with another woman who was carrying a gun.

Thiago shared the photo and claimed it belonged to Drica, even after The information has already been denied by the police.

According to the conviction, which was approved on Tuesday (28), in addition to R$10,000, the actor will also have to post Undo the previous post “with the same scope” in even five days. He should talk about the sentence and confirm that the woman in the video was not Adriana.

Police say the woman in a video with a gun is not the mother of the dead in Jacarisinho

“Until this conviction, I did not know who Thiago Galeassio was, I had never heard of him before. Bruno Gagliasu, the one I’ve always followed and he’s a classy guy. I found out that this guy was Bruno’s brother when he showed up to talk about me and my family. I thought the sentence was good. My only regret is that he uses the nickname Gagliasso because it discredits Bruno, a good person. This guy is nothing. That’s what I wanted to tell him at the court hearings that he didn’t attend. It’s nothing. “But he didn’t even sign the summons for the hearings,” Drica said. g 1.

Hot food distribution project

Adriana Santana de Araújo Rodrigues: T-shirt with a picture of her son – Photo: reproduction / social networks

When asked what she intends to do with the compensation she received, she said she will use it for the social project she is playing called “Craque é Jesus,” which distributes warm drinks to people in the city’s craquelandias and the homeless.

“Every week I distribute 60 to 100 hot dogs in the city’s cracolandias. In fact, I go out with food and distribute it to everyone I find on the street. I don’t always get help from donations, so it really comes out of my pocket. Something for prisoners who have lost their mothers and don’t receive Any kind of help,” she says, who is still filing other lawsuits.

“They are all losers,” he joked. “There are still people appealing, but so far no one has won. There is even a fugitive from justice. And then the thieves were me.”

Despite the victories and moving on with her life, Drica says she still struggles a lot with the loss of her son, says she uses eight prescription drugs and has developed panic syndrome.

“I lived 37 years of my life in Jacarisinho. I was born and raised there. But I couldn’t stay there anymore. It was very difficult,” she says, who has moved to another community in Rio.

Adriana Santana de Araújo Rodrigues will distribute hot drinks in Rio – Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

The lawyer representing Adriana Santana de Araujo Rodriguez, Drica, also spoke about the importance of indicting Thiago Gagliaso in the episode.

“This is the most important point of the decision, because it is educational, but the fine is very low, and it is almost an incentive to continue lying,” said Joao Tancredo.

If he does not comply with the decision, Thiago must pay Daily fine of 200 BRL. The value can only reach 2000 Brazilian Real.

On social media, the actor on Sunday (3) mocked the repercussions of the decision: “Good morning to those who woke up convicted and were not even notified of the operation.”

a g 1 He tried to contact Thiago, but did not get a position until this article was closed.

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