August 9, 2022
The MP said Wesley Safato had the help of a friend to get a dose of the vaccine and operate in the United States and Mexico.  Gear

The MP said Wesley Safato had the help of a friend to get a dose of the vaccine and operate in the United States and Mexico. Gear

According to the MP’s document, a friend who knew about the “singer’s need” revealed himself with a network of contacts to make the vaccine possible through the “widely accepted vaccine abroad” (Read more below)

Diane Dantas missed the Govit-19 vaccine lineup July 8, 2021. She was 30 years old at the time, given a municipal immunization calendar to apply to those 32 years of age or older. Already Wesley Naughty It is Producer Sabrina Towers They were scheduled to be vaccinated on the same day at the Centro T events in Carrera, but went to another vaccination center in a shopping mall.

The case was the subject of two hearings by the Civil Police and the Attorney General’s Office, which also created an administrative process in the municipality of Fortaleza in which a public servant was identified and the facility was required to respond and two outsourced workers were sent back to the company. Civil police filed a case against eight people.

‘Illegal, immoral and criminal,’ the company says

Ceará’s Ministry of Public Works classifies all three as vaccinators “Illegal, immoral and criminal, revealed in investigations”. To reach a conclusion based on the order, the investigation examined images from the Northern Shopping Jackie, where all three were vaccinated, as well as documents and evidence collected.

According to the agency, it was the direct action of Marcelo da Silva Meadows, a friend and former employee known as “Marcelo Cela”. Oh g1 Tried to ask Marcelo, but calls were not answered.

Upon learning of the singer’s need, his wife Diane and consultant Sabrina will be vaccinated by a widely accepted immunization agent abroad, especially in Mexico and the United States, where the singer will be performing in October and November this year. Announced on their social networks, [Marcelo] To use the Johnson / Johnson & Johnson vaccine in a single dose, I decided to intervene in this process, MP.

Charged by the Civil Police

Wednesday (29), Wesley, Diane, Sabrina and five others Ceará was charged by the Civil Police with abuse of the vaccine. The couple and five others have to answer in state court Crimes Abuse and violation of health measures. According to the Civil Police, the combined sentences could carry up to 13 years in prison. Singer-producer Sabrina Tavares was charged only with one count of violating health measures.

Diane Tandas testified to police about the jump-line case

Wesley Safado was vaccinated against Kovit-19 on July 8 in Fortaleza. – Photo: Instagram / Playback

Influence in the health sector

As an MP, Marcelo contacted a person with contacts and influence on the municipal health network in Fortaleza and had already worked for Marcelo during his campaign for councilor in Fortaleza last year.

According to the Public Ministry investigation, he had called a servant who worked in the vaccine logistics department of the Regional Secretariat III, where the three were illegally vaccinated.

On the day of the vaccination, the server who worked at the trio’s vaccinated mall called outsourced server. She said she would vaccinate all three of them.

Marcelo went to the mall with three people and went with the singer’s producer for immunizations; Diane and Wesley were waiting at the parking lot for the “green light”. Upon receiving him, the couple boarded an elevator and were referred by the outsourcing staff and site supervisor.

All three did not go through the record or vaccination test.

Wesley Safato's wife confesses to police about irregular vaccination against Govt

Wesley Safato’s wife confesses to police about irregular vaccination against Govt

Civil police investigations were uncovered by the MPCE. It contains, Three Civil Servants of the Municipal Health Department (SMS) “The reason for the success of the trio’s vaccine” from Fortaleza. Although the names are not mentioned, the functions and actions in the crime are identical in the ministerial inquiry.

According to the police, They counted the support and participation of the other two individuals, Who does not work in the municipal administration.

And according to police, all three servers “operated automatically” without any knowledge, authorization or affiliation with SMS Fortaleza.

Agents Rejected the existence of a charge With the evidence obtained in the calculations. According to police, The Support went to the “satisfaction of personal interests.”

The investigation launched by the city of Fortaleza to investigate the singer’s wife’s irregular vaccination was completed by the Municipal Health Department (SMS), which found irregularities in the activities of three municipal employees, a public servant and two outsourced employees of the Servnock company. . The city is considering it There may have been passive corruption in the case.

Wesley and Diane denied any wrongdoing She received vaccines from “xepa”, The remaining vaccines were known that day. Fortaleza refused the City Hall version, saying that No “xepa” dose application At that time they were vaccinated. When they approached again, they did not want to comment on the matter. Producer Sabrina Towers did not answer questions.

How the vaccination takes place in Fortaleza

In Fortaleza, residents must register on a platform to receive the vaccine, but the day and time is planned and communicated by the city.

Only those who are scheduled can be vaccinated on the specified day, if they are over 30 years of age or have missed the vaccine if they are sick or have been vaccinated against the flu, on the evidence, and even within the time limit for receiving them is the second dose of AstraZeneca.

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