September 27, 2023
The musical film is cast in the plot

The musical film is cast in the plot

Finally, the premiere of the movie “Super Mario Bros.: The MovieIt has an official release date, a teaser that it tractor. Check out some of the details already revealed about the movie below. The most respected name in the gaming world, Shigeru MiyamotoAt an official Nintendo event, it was reported that the movie is in the final stages of production.

Disney has successfully incorporated musicals into its animation, and now it’s the turn of the most beloved video game screen plumber to include his version within this musical perspective. Nintendo is expected to achieve the same success as Disney, thus overcoming a failure Live action or direct event From the 90s, which was a cause of disappointment for many fans and had little to do with the actual game story.

However, the musical part will have a contribution from the same people responsible for the previous film’s soundtrack. Could it be that, even after the failure of 1993, nintendo You will be able to win fans Game in your animation?

“Super Mario Bros – The Movie” by Illumination was produced by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelinek. In addition to Jack Black and Keegan Michael Key, the cast includes the work of other voice actors. Check out the characters and their voice actors below:

  • Mario – Chris Pratt
  • Princess Peach – Anya Taylor Joy
  • Luigi – Charlie Day
  • Jack Black – Buggy
  • Toad – Keegan Michael Key
  • CAMK – Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Foreman Spike – Sebastian Maniscalco
  • Fred Armisen – Cranky Kong

At first, interpretation Chris Pratt How Mario was not so well received by fans; But soon after tractorReviews are positive. In an interview with Variety, Keegan-Michael Key, who will play Toad, says there was improvisation during the recording of the songs, but the whole situation was a lot of fun.

The villain Bowser will have more than one song, and in keeping with the musical flair of his beloved voice actor, Jack Black’s character will perform as a rocker, according to Jack Black’s own confirmation.

The same makers of “Minions” and “Despicable Me” will release “Super Mario Bros: The Movie” on April 7, 2023. An official Nintendo file confirmed the date via a tweet on Twitter.