The new control system of interaction with customers was launched in PJSC “Surgutneftegas”

Comindware Inc (, a resident of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, has launched into commercial operation a new system of relationship management with customers (CRM), a leading Russian oil company PJSC “Surgutneftegas”.

Новая система управления взаимодействием с клиентами была запущена в ПАО «Сургутнефтегаз»

Now each buyer when ordering the oil can to appreciate all the unique features of multifunctional platforms Comindware Business Application Platform – a new, modern design, convenient organization of space, enhanced functionality when working with the basket of petroleum products, a quick search for objects, flexible analytical reporting.

The new platform Comindware Business Application Platform built on the patented technology of Comindware and, of course, is the pride of the domestic developer. The platform contains both cutting-edge approaches to managing a business – process approach to business solutions based on BPMN 2.0 – and the most modern technological solutions, graph database, storing information in memory (In-memory), user interfaces on HTML5. The key term of the systems created on the platform Comindware Business Application Platform, is a low-code – ability to create and customize business applications with minimal programming.

In the process of development of information systems of PJSC “Surgutneftegas” faced with the need to update and further develop the CRM. Existed at the time the system already provides the necessary flexibility in customizing solutions and the speed of their development. The result of the research, the choice was made in favor of creating a new system, called Comindware CRM and built in cooperation of PJSC “Surgutneftegas”, JSC “BDO Unicon Business solutions”, and on the Comindware database Comindware platform Business Application Platform.

During the pilot operation Comindware CRM started to work more than 200 users have created several thousand documents that are fixed more than 100 comments to the system, consultations of customers and office workers. All this allowed the stabilization of the solution and transfer system into commercial operation.

In addition to speaking for itself, the statistical data of experimental-industrial exploitation of the project revealed another key factor determining the feasibility of using Comindware Business Application Platform for business users appeared motivated to improve Comindware CRM, with the prospect of its transformation into a multifunctional Internet-platform to work with buyers. Not spared the possibility of a new platform and it professionals involved in the development and support of the system on the new platform. Due to its flexibility and capabilities of graph data storage structures, the new platform allows “on the fly” to build business solutions – from building the business process and data model definition to implement interfaces and integration solutions all of the configurations are performed using the configuration object and with minimum software modifications.

Rinat Gimranov, head of information technologies Department at PJSC “Surgutneftegas”: “For us, the main characteristics that determined the choice in favor of Comindware Business Application Platform, is the ability to build business applications with virtually no programming and in a short time. It is also important that Comindware is a Russian development, and the stability does not depend on sanctions or other external factors.”

Bogdan Kotowski, General Director of JSC “BDO Unicon Business solutions”: “The current system works well and fully meets the requirements of business users, demonstrates flexibility in adjusting and high-speed development of new functionality. The introduction of Comindware Business Application Platform has become a new step in the development of information systems of JSC “Surgutneftegas”. We are glad that we had the confidence and we were able to execute this innovative project.”

Maxim Tsyplyaev, founder and President of Comindware: “Digitization is included in the oil and gas industry at a steady pace, and PJSC “Surgutneftegas” holds a leading position in the mainstream through the use of modern Low-code platform for digital enterprise transformation. Successful implementation of the solution Comindware database Comindware CRM Business Application Platform in OJSC “Surgutneftegas” is a good example of the use of a flexible platform for solving everyday tasks of any scale.”

Irina Ospennikova, HR-technologies and it-solutions improve the efficiency of processes in organizations: good to know that Comindware team with the participation of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, has created a really convenient product that allows you to implement the project “Digital transformation” in large corporations, and that this friendliness was highly appreciated by PJSC “Surgutneftegas”


PJSC “Surgutneftegas” is one of the largest oil companies in Russia, actively developing sectors of exploration, oil and gas production, gas production, power generation, production and marketing of petroleum products oil and gas chemistry.

Comindware is an innovative Russian company c offices in the U.S. and Europe, the developer Comindware Business Application Platform, modern Low-code platform for digital enterprise transformation, is a resident of the information technologies cluster of the SKOLKOVO Foundation. Among the clients of Comindware is the largest world and Russian companies, ExxonMobil, Anthem, Hertz, NPCs, Gazpromavia, etc., choosing the Comindware platform as the basis for the digital transformation of the organization.

The company “BDO Unicon Business solutions” is a group of “Unicon” — the leading Russian audit and consulting group of companies founded in 1989. The company offers support in areas such as business consulting and system integration, technology consulting and innovative product development. The company has one of Russia’s strongest teams in the field of it and business consulting, bringing together more than 800 employees. On account of this team – more than 2,000 projects (over 300 of them – by the ERP implementation) and more than 145,000 users of ERP systems. The company works with global suppliers of business solutions – SAP and Oracle, and leading Russian developers Comindware.

The SKOLKOVO Foundation is a non – profit organization established at the initiative of the Russian President in September 2010. The aim of the Fund is the creation of an ecosystem favourable for entrepreneurship and research in the areas of: energy efficiency and saving, nuclear, space, biomedical, strategic computer technologies and software. The Fund entrusted with the management of Innovation center “SKOLKOVO”, the activity of which is regulated by a special law granting special economic conditions for start-UPS, specially external technological expertise (now more than 1800). In 2017, the revenue of the companies-participants “SKOLKOVO” amounted to 79 billion rubles, the total revenue over the 8 years of the project amounted to 250 billion rubles. In startups there are more than 30 thousand people, including more than 5 thousand on the territory of “SKOLKOVO”. More than 1,300 patented designs and technological solutions. An important part of the ecosystem “SKOLKOVO” is a research University, the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology (Skoltech) established and operating with the support of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. The infrastructure construction of IC “SKOLKOVO” at the expense of the Federal budget completed (built Technopark, University, School, road and engineering infrastructure). Commissioned 500 thousand square meters In the next 3 years this figure will double.

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