May 30, 2023
The new FGTS draw begins in just over two weeks

The new FGTS draw begins in just over two weeks

New one FGTS Towing Tour (Service Time Guarantee Box) Starts August 1st, in just over 15 days. Each worker chose birthday loot And if you meet the rules, you can withdraw a percentage of the available balance in your linked accounts, plus an additional premium.

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Those born in August are released. In this special method, the worker is authorized to withdraw a portion of the FGTS each year, between the first working day of his/her birthday month and the second following month.

This means that those born in August will have until October 28 to withdraw. It should be noted that the deadline also applies to birthdays in May, June and July.

How do you join?

Membership is available online, on the website or in the app. FGTS (Available for Android and iOS). Redemption can only be made in the same year as the posting to the last working day of the interested party’s birthday month.

When immigrating to Christmas plunder, a citizen loses the right to fully recover the FGTS in the event of dismissal without just cause, but retains a 40% fine. The minimum return period for withdrawals and withdrawals is 24 months.

Annual withdrawal amount

As announced, the amount to be withdrawn in the process depends on the available balance in the active and inactive accounts of the server. The straight installment ranges from 5% to 50%, and can go up to R$2,900 per person.

Here is the Christmas spoils schedule:

Balance range Withdrawal rate extra premium
Up to 500.00 BRL 50% _
From R$500.01 to R$1,000.00 40% 50 Brazilian Real
From 1,000.01 BRL to 5,000.00 BRL 30% 150 Brazilian Real
From 5000.01 BRL to 10000.00 BRL 20% 650 BRL
10000.01 BRL to 15000 BRL 15th% 1150 Brazilian Real
From 15,000 BRL to 20000 BRL 10% 1900 Brazilian Real
Above 5% 2900 Brazilian Real