February 1, 2023

The new ideal minimum wage scares all Brazilians

From time to time, Dieese (Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socio-Economic Studies) conducts research on the value of the basic food basket. In the latest survey, the overview of which indicated the past 12 months, the result frightened citizens who received up to one month less pay.

According to information transmitted by the agency, the value of the basic basket increased by about 18% in 2022 in 17 different Brazilian capitals. Unfortunately, the worker has been committing, in these recent months, nearly 60% of it less pay In the acquisition of basic foodstuffs that maintain subsistence.

the News contestsIn today’s article, he will present other surprising data and what Brazilians can (and do) in this regard.

The basic basket with exorbitant values ​​scares and harms the livelihood of those who earn a minimum wage

Calculating the above data determined that the highest increases were in capital cities:

  • Goiania (17.98)%;
  • Brasilia (17.25%);
  • Campo Grande (16.03)%;
  • Belo Horizonte (15.06)%.

This survey compared the price of the basic food basket relative to the price of December 2021. The item is one of the items used in defining and calculating the minimum wage.

Bad news for those making one minimum wage – Freepik

However, even increase in salary A basic food basket in the capital city of São Paulo was found to be relatively priced at R$791.29 in 2022. This equates to 70.58% of the national floor.

The basket was found by Aracaju and priced at R$521.05. Looking at these prices, Diess noted, citizens who earn only one minimum wage end up devoting 60.22% of their income to food.

At the same time in 2021, an average of 58.91% was recorded. Of the 13 basic elements, eight were unloaded capitals studied. are they:

  • French bread;
  • pure milk
  • coffee;
  • ghee;
  • banana;
  • Wheat flour;
  • cassava flour.

Other products such as rice and soybean oil registered increases, but in 15 and 16 cities, respectively. This accumulated inflation Food pricesreaching 10.91% in November 2022.

Increasing the value of the basic baskets of each capital

  • Recife (6.15%);
  • Aracaju (8.99%);
  • Joao Pessoa (9.99%);
  • Vittoria (10.09%);
  • Salvador (10.13%);
  • Christmas (10.35%);
  • Curitiba (11.17%);
  • Florianópolis (11.55%);
  • Porto Alegre (12.11%);
  • Fortaleza (12.94%);
  • Rio de Janeiro (12.98%);
  • São Paulo (14.60%);
  • Belém (14.83%);
  • Belo Horizonte (15.06%);
  • Campo Grande (16.03%);
  • Brasilia (17.25%);
  • Goiania (17.98%).

What is your ideal amount of minimum wage?

According to the surveys, the value of the minimum wage that would be ideal to meet all the needs of the worker is R$ 6,647.63. This means that it is 5.5 times more compared to the amount in effect in December 2022, which is R$1,212.00. This same survey also indicates that the minimum wage is R$5,800.98, 5.3 times the amount offered in 2021, which was R$1,100.00.

upload less pay Expenses that are counted as basic expenses include, for example: housing, food, health, education, hygiene, clothing, transportation, social security, and entertainment. All this for a family of four, two kids and two adults.

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