December 9, 2023

The new iPhone color has arrived in Brazil and goes on sale today (14)

Apple is one of the most popular and influential brands in the world. Founded in 1976 Steve JobsSteve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, the company began its activities as a small operation selling home computers, but today it is a large multinational corporation.

Last Friday, the 10th, the company launched a new color for the iPhone 14. The cell phone now has a yellow version as well.

Yellow iPhone for sale in Brazil

The new color is only available for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus versions. Device sales will begin on Tuesday, the 14th. Apple usually releases new colors for iPhone models every year or every product launch cycle, however, this may vary according to company strategies and market demand. Sometimes, it may choose to release new colors only for certain models.

It’s important to note that other original colors will continue to be available, such as blue, purple, midnight (black), starburst (white), and productive red (red). However, the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max did not receive new shades, so the colors available to customers are Deep Purple, Gold, Silver, and Space Black.

Version 14 of the multinational cell phone has the same processor as version 13, but promises to bring upgrades to the cameras and battery. If you intend to purchase these new features, you will have to pay around R$7,599 for the iPhone 14 and R$8,599 for the iPhone 14 Plus, which has a larger screen.

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Its history began in 2007, when it was launched by Apple, and since then the company has created new models annually, bringing improvements and innovations to each version. iPhone is currently one of the most popular smartphones in the world.

It is world famous for its elegant design, iOS operating system, and advanced camera and image processing features. The mobile phone was developed by a team of Apple engineers, with direct supervision from Steve Jobs.