December 9, 2022
Nova versão premium do WhatsApp

The new PREMIUM version of WhatsApp promises to grab the attention of users; Check update

Currently, WhatsApp is one of the most used applications by Brazilians, with millions of users using the available tools every day. The messaging app, which was previously seen as a means of entertainment, now also serves as a way of working for various people who depend on the many resources available.

So, according to information released by technology companies, a new paid version of WhatsApp is about to come into effect. This is the version excellent. The novelty promises to introduce new tools to users in order to provide better conditions of use. Therefore, it is very important to understand the estimates of the new WhatsApp option.

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WhatsApp versions

First of all, the application already has two versions of use. That is, there is an application tab for exclusively personal use, and another comes from resources that facilitate work tools. This is the version beta and version Business. This means that users can now choose which one to use at no cost.

Therefore, the app offers different features, considering the two platforms. In fact, the WhatsApp BusinessIt contains all the functionality of the version betaThe difference, specifically, is in the option to use additional resources, such as the way working hours are added to a user’s profile.

In addition, it is also possible to create automatic messages, so that they are sent to clients immediately after the first contact. It is also possible to add a catalog of products offered by the company in question, with different prices and purchase options. Therefore, the novelty is precisely because of the version Businesswhich will have new features.

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Issuance excellent

Without further ado, as we mentioned earlier, the messenger app will soon get a new version excellent. According to the information released so far, the new WhatsApp feature is arriving on the method Business. The goal is to bring more improvements and convenience to users who choose to use the app for business purposes.

As far as is known, to use the new resource, it will be necessary to pay. However, there is not yet a price estimate, but rumors suggest that it will be quite affordable. So far, there are two new features that are attracting attention. It is, first of all, the possibility to create a file Link specific connection. In other words, the user will be able to create a direct address, so that the customer can communicate in a simple and easy way.

In addition, it appears that it will also be possible to access the same account through 10 devices. The focus is on increasing devices capable of managing a single account in order to make it easier to work time and respond to customers. However, the new version will certainly have many other features. However, there is still no official disclosure, not even an exact release date.

To use the two versions already available, simply execute a file Download Through your App Store, or even from the official messenger website (

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