February 6, 2023

The new WhatsApp feature will bring changes to file sharing

Learn about the new WhatsApp feature that will change the way you share files and see other recent news.

New year, new features: that’s what WhatsApp has been doing. The app is testing new functions in the beta version, as per users’ suggestions. Thus, the latest tool of the application that appears in the beta version of the messenger is the captions in messages containing videos, documents, pictures and gifs.

It is worth noting that the messaging app has, with some reluctance, launched improvements to its platform. The latest is a function that allows you to “go back” even after deleting a message. Throughout the article, it will be possible to stay updated with the news of WhatsApp.

What will the new WhatsApp feature look like?

Nowadays, almost always, when users attach a photo or any other file in WhatsApp, it is possible to include a comment. However, if the user wants to share a received image along with the caption A nativethe text is not forwarded with the file.

So, according to WABetaInfo, the beta version available for Android has an alert for users. In this alert there is information that subtitles can now be forwarded together with the files or removed, if the user so desires.

It should be noted that the function is still in the testing period. Hence, there is still no official release date for the feature for all users of the app.

Other recently released tools

Check out some of the news recently released by WhatsApp:

proxy server

One of the latest innovations in the app has made many people happy, as it makes it possible to send messages even without access to the internet. Thus, through a proxy server, users can use the application even when there is no connection.

It is worth noting that the new version appeared last week and aims to avoid network blockages, especially those related to government censorship in some countries.

restore whatsapp messages

This feature is for those who want to recover a message that has been deleted through the Delete for Me function. That is, it is a great tool for those who constantly accidentally click on the resource.

This option is now available to all users of the app, for both devices android how much iOS.

Photo: guteksk7 / shutterstock.com