December 3, 2023

The New York Times has become a laughing stock on the Internet

Newspaper The New York Times Post an article that has become a laughing stock on social networks. The text proposes a solution to “climate change”. According to the text, people need to have a sexual relationship with people of smaller stature, given the supposed benefits that biology has given them.

“They are inveterate protectionists, something crucial to this world,” said journalist Mara Altman, in the transcript published Jan. 1. According to the author, short people save “87 million tons of food annually, not to mention trillions of liters of water, billions of BTUs of energy and millions of tons of waste.”

In this way, Mara proposes to everyone to have children with these people. “When you mate with short people, you potentially save the planet and reduce the needs of later generations,” said Mara. “Reducing the minimum length for potential partners on your dating profile is a step towards a greener planet.”

“People who are under-resourced not only conserve resources, but with resources becoming scarcer due to the Earth’s increasing population and global warming, they may also be better suited for long-term survival,” Mara said.

The New York Times It became a joke on the networks

The publication of the article sparked a series of ironies on Twitter. paying off.

Someone short and single writes editorials for The New York TimesSaid the CEO of the American satirical newspaper Babylon Bee.

“I thought that was it shit High quality, but no, it’s a real editorial The New York Times “Today,” said reporter Christopher Ingraham.

Former US congressman Scott Taylor posted on his networks: “Very hopeful of you, The New York Times“.

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