February 1, 2023
César Filho retorna ao Hoje Em Dia bronzeado após férias no México (Foto: Reprodução)

The news provided by César Filho made Brazil cry for the life of a celebrity

Cesar Filho interrupted “Hoje em Dia” to talk about the famous health condition

The “Hoje em Dia” morning show is one of the Record’s oldest attractions, and is currently run by it Cesar Philo🇧🇷 Renata Alves🇧🇷 Anna Hickman And the Tasien Pinero🇧🇷 Occupying the early hours of the day at the station, the online magazine strives to keep the public at home well-informed and combines journalism with entertainment.

In one of the releases at the beginning of the year, a strange fact caught the public’s attention and left those who watched “Hoje em Dia” on alert. The fact is that the morning show has gone off the air and Cesar Filho has rushed with Renata Alves to reveal the state of health of S.matosthe former pawn of “A Fazenda”.

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According to the information released by the consultant and columnist for Steh Matos, Keila Jimenez, at the time, the celebrity experienced malaise and had to be rushed to the hospital. After some checks, the influencer was diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage: “The influencer Sthe Matos, who participated in the latest version of “A Fazenda”, was rushed to the hospital and is in the intensive care unit, Keila will tell you the reason and more details about this emergency,” said Renata Alves.

Subsequently, journalist César Filho asked: “Sthe Matos should have been admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Salvador, what happened?”. Kyla Jimenez then gave details of what was going to happen to the worker: “It started with dizziness and nausea, Ste thought it would pass, and suddenly a severe headache came and they took her to the hospital and the CT scan showed a brain hemorrhage”.

Sthe Matos is the girlfriend of singer Kevi Jonny (Photo: reproduction)
Sthe Matos (photo: reproduction)

The news of César Filho and Renata Alves had an impact on the audience that watched “Hoje em Dia”, many started shouting for the life of Sthe Matos and the topic ended up among the most commented topics.

new accident

Recently, the artist was involved in a bus accident while accompanying her boyfriend, singer Keefe Johnny, on one of his trips. The vehicle overturned on a stretch of BR-242 near the municipality of Cristopolis, west of Bahia. In the stories, a Bahian woman said that it was a real miracle to survive, because during the accident she was thrown into the trunk of a bus.

The bus carrying Siti Matos and Kevi Johnny overturned in Bahia (reproduction)

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