June 25, 2022
The newspaper said that Abramovich moved luxury yachts and planes for fear of sanctions

The newspaper said that Abramovich moved luxury yachts and planes for fear of sanctions

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich who is trying to break up with Chelsea, He was a target of sanctions against Russian oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin, the country’s president who is leading the invasion of Ukraine. To try to circumvent these penalties and avoid the risks of expropriation, the entrepreneur tries to transfer his most valuable assets.

According to the English newspaper The Sun, the Abramovich fleet of ships is being transferred to safe places. a The luxury yacht Solaris, estimated at R$3.3 billion and which has already been sent to BarcelonaEclipse, worth R$7 billion, is heading to Turkey, which has pledged not to abide by international sanctions against Russia.

The first photo of “Solaris”, a new yacht for Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea

Photo: Reproduction/@superyachts.com

The Gulfstream G650ER was towed from Moscow in recent days and passed through Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkey before landing in Israel, where Abramovich’s mansion is located. According to CNBC, a Chelsea owner’s private jet in Farnborough, England, has already been seized.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, also owned by Abramovich, and the billionaire’s helicopters were recently moved, strengthening the hypothesis that he avoids dangerous places to leave his possessions. The logistics of moving your most valuable possessions is complicated, such as They can be stopped and confiscated if they enter the seas or pro-sanctions skies.

British newspapers reported that Abramovich has about 20 billion Brazilian reals in frozen assets in the UK alone. Forbes magazine, in turn, highlighted Russia’s possession of about 66 billion Brazilian reals in properties such as planes, palaces, yachts, helicopters and cars scattered all over the world. Bloomberg also says that Roman Abramovich is the eighth richest man in the world.

The Sun’s publication highlights that the Russian could move to Turkey and even buy a local team to try to recreate the success he had with Chelsea.

Chelsea, in the midst of it all, is up for sale. Even Abramovich risks receiving no value from the sale of the club, as the UK government plans to confiscate the sum. at the same time, The club is still suffering and losing sponsorsBeside Bank account suspendedAnd also the team owner.

Abramovich, who has already announced his departure from the clubI promised Donate the proceeds from the sale of Chelsea Football Club to the victims of the war. There are already rumors Potential buyers and even proposals made to Abramovich to take over the leadership of the club.

Understand the reason for the penalties:

Britain, where Abramovich lived, is leading the way in imposing sanctions on Russians who have “privileged access” to Putin and are largely followed by the European Union.

The justification for the restrictions is based on: by “establishing very good relations” with the President of Russia, billionaires, who normally keep their business, can generate more money for the country and, therefore, directly or indirectly, finance the continuation of the invasion of Ukraine.