September 24, 2022
The ninja faked mental health problems to promote his comeback

The ninja faked mental health problems to promote his comeback

Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, has announced that he will be back and streaming content on all platforms, days after announcing a break in which he suggested he was struggling with mental health issues.

Ninja announced last week that he needs a break and doesn’t know when he’ll be back. In addition, he removed his photos from social media and replaced them with one that simply says “User not found”.

Many thought Ninja was going through mental exhaustion and exhaustion, but it wasn’t a health issue, but a trick to talk about. It’s now back and will be appearing everywhere from Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and even TikTok.

Predictably, while fans applaud his quick comeback and good mental health, others criticize him for using real problems in trailers and the potential impact this can have on those who are really struggling.

Criticisms of the ninja’s behavior are emerging on social media, describing the psychological crisis he has faked as “stupid and unnecessary”, especially since many in society suffer from mental problems and use it as a marketing tool that “smears what could otherwise be”. .

Others say it’s “absolutely embarrassing to use mental health as a marketing strategy” and that “no one should ever aspire to be what a damn ninja has become.”