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The ninth place of the program consists of 3 pairs

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The ninth place of the program consists of 3 pairs
The ninth place of the program consists of 3 pairs

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Couples Brenda Baixaw, Matthews Sampaio, Adriana, Albert, Elisa and Hadpala are ranked 9th in the list. “Power Couple 6”.

The pair with the fewest votes in the hot seat will be eliminated from the game, while the other pair will move on to the next – and final – week of reality show From RecordTV.

Brenda and Matthews were the first duo to go to DR To be the last time to test pairs. They took the test at the worst of times and went to the popular vote.

Adriana and Albert went to the hot seat for the fourth worst pairing balance. They went to DR because the worst balance was between Karol and Mussunzinho – who won the pairs test.

See who voted for whom in forming the Dominican Republic:

  • Adriana Ribeiro and Albert Bressan – Carol and Mosonzinho
  • Brenda Picasso and Matthew Sampaio – Carol and Mosonzinho
  • Luana Andrade and Joao Haddad – Hadbla and Elisa
  • Elisa and Hadbala – Carol and Mosonzinho
  • Caroline Menezes and Mosonzinho – Hadbala and Elisa

Influential couple Carol and Mosonzinho can cancel a spouse’s vote and have them vote for another or vote twice for some spouse.

Carroll and Musuzinho allowed Lou and Haddad to vote again, re-voting for Hadbala and Elisa.

With that, the pair got 3 votes, and Casal Power was the tiebreaker. So they got rid of the doctor and Eliza and Hadbala went to the third seat.

Power Couple 6: Eliza, Hadson, Brenda, Matheus, Adryana, and Albert are 9th Dr: Who do you want to stay?

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