February 2, 2023

The novelty of workers with an official contract can reach millions

Those working under a formal contract will have another option to use the termination compensation fund credit (fgts). Grandma can benefit nearly 11 million of formal workers, according to data from monitoring tool Datazap.

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It is the possibility of withdrawing the balance that has not yet been deposited in the fund to increase the ability of citizens to pay in housing finance. In other words: the goal is to make it easier for Brazilians to access home ownership.

New FGTS future

Who called future FGTS Or FGTS for payroll deduction, it will be made available to a smaller portion of the population at this first moment. Citizens of the group will be able to count on the future resources of the fund, that is, amounts that have not yet been credited by employers.

Initially, families with a monthly income of up to R$ 2,400, those that make up Group 1 of the Casa Verde Amarela Programme, will be considered. The plan of the previous government, which put forward the proposal, is to expand the option to more income ranges and other housing programs soon.

It is also worth noting that Casa Verde Amarilla will soon return to its name My home, my life. The name chosen during President Lula’s second term was changed during the Bolsonaro government.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the area of ​​advantages is the increased ability to repay housing loans. A Brazilian with an income of R$2,000 and who wants to buy a house today can make an installment of R$450. With future FGTS, your monthly payments will increase to R$600.

On the other hand, the worker who chooses to use resources that have not yet been deposited must be aware of the potential drawbacks. In the event of a dismissal, he will not have his boss’s deposits and will need to negotiate debts until he can pay.

According to the Caixa Econômica Federal, the method will be regulated in January, and operations should begin within 90 days.