December 5, 2023
The Nuba pushes the language and suffers from terror at the hands of Kiara

The Nuba pushes the language and suffers from terror at the hands of Kiara

Nuba (Derica Moraes) will realize that Brisa (Lucy Alves) was not a bad daughter-in-law in Transit. After all, although the washing machine did not give the right “conditions” to I see (Chay Suede), she has always treated her mother-in-law with respect. unlike kiara (Jade Picon), who will mock and humiliate the merchant and trample on the merchant whenever he gets a chance at the 9 AM Globo Opera.

Patricinha will play horror during Maranhão’s visit to Rio de Janeiro. The danduka will mock the tone, quirks and simplicity of her mother-in-law, who will place the highest expectations on her son’s friend, Ryo.

Drica Moraes’ character is so excited that she’s already stretched into the Four Winds That the son will marry the corrupt – Even though he wasn’t even in a serious relationship. Indeed, at this point, the bitch will even hide the news of Prisa from her son, precisely to prevent him from leaving the rich girl.

But none of that matters. For Kiara, the only issue is that her mother-in-law is dazzlingly backward. The merchant would really freak out to see a file The apartment and the car by Guerra Humberto Martins surrendered to Ari, but he would still have some dignity.

The witty will even try to have some composure when meeting the girl for the first time in the scenes that It should be broadcast on the next 5th day. She’ll say that since Ari talks about her friend so much, it seems like they’ve known each other for a long time. Chiara, who will be with Julia (Natalia Falcao), will react in an ironic tone and make fun of her mother-in-law.

transit is a Novel writingEtta by Gloria Perez. The plot has the artistic direction of Mauro Mendonca Filho and is located in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhão.

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