November 28, 2023
Programa de estágio do NUBANK está com inscrições abertas; saiba mais

The NUBANK Internship Program is open for registration; know more

We all know the great importance of training in our lives. He is responsible for bringing us closer to our future business. For this reason, getting opportunities in large companies is a good start.

Today, the opportunity lies in working with one of the largest digital financial companies, Nubank. Have you ever thought of being part of the staff of this organization? This is now possible, as the organization opens its doors with its first training program.

The NUBANK Internship Program is open for registration;  know more
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Training at Nubank

Something long-awaited by young people across the country has finally happened. Nubank Opens Its First Internship Program. During September 19 and 28, students from anywhere in Brazil who want to work in technology, business and finance will be able to apply to be part of this team.

The aim of this initiative is to provide students with professional growth from their first contact with the labor market. Although the company already has some interns in its constitution, there has been no full development of this class, which changes with the arrival of the internship program.

With this novelty, students will be able to participate in shared pathways, hands-on learning and subjects aimed at career development.

Who can apply for the vacancy?

One of the points that catches the eye is that the company will not restrict any type of specific course or training until a person can register. Therefore, people from all courses are free to try to be a part of this team.

However, it is essential that the interested parties have an active enrollment in any university in Brazil and that they plan to graduate from December 2023 to July 2024.

Another issue that the company did not raise is that the person has some kind of experience in the labor market. Thus, this may be the first opportunity for most students.

Interested parties must be available to work 30 hours a week, equivalent to six hours a day, from Monday to Friday.

In addition, a person is not required to be fluent in English for application, however the company encourages employees to pay attention to this language. This is because in some environments there is a great deal of communication in the language, as Nubank is an institution located in several parts of the world.

Those who do not have this kind of knowledge yet will get support from the company itself so they can learn English through the NuLanguage programme.


Available vacancies

Internship vacancies are aimed at some specific areas such as finance, technology and business. Thus, the student will be able to choose between options: risk and compliance, software engineering, finance, product development, business analysis and design.

Thus, at the time of registration, a person can order the area in which he wants to work. The platform dedicated to this process contains all the necessary details about each of them.

Where will it work?

The company has considered implementing the entire internship program remotely so that all people in Brazil can participate in the initiative. But the only exception is the design and product field, which is aimed at people who live in São Paulo.

Thus, students who wish to apply for themselves in these two fields must understand that the business model will be mixed and for this reason it is essential that they be available to visit the headquarters located in São Paulo every two months.

How to apply?

Those interested in participating in the new Nubank program and who meet the above requirements will be able to apply directly through the program website until September 28. To do this, just access the next page

If there is any doubt about the registration process, as is the case for any of the above questions, it will be possible to participate in a live broadcast during the 27th of September. It will take place at 19:00 Brasilia time. So, to participate in this meeting, just reach out

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