May 31, 2023

The number of confirmed cases of monkeypox in the world exceeds 300 – News

Twenty-two countries had more than 300 confirmed cases Thursday afternoon (26). monkey poxa disease that has spread, especially in Europe, since the beginning of May.

Data from real-time monitoring implemented by the Global Health Initiative, from researchers from universities such as Harvard and Oxford, as well as information from governments, shows the following number of diagnoses for each country:

• England: 85
• Spain: 84
• Portugal: 58
• Canada: 15
• Germany: 12
• Netherlands: 12
• United States: 9
• Italy: 9
• France: 7
• Belgium: 6
• Czech Republic: 5
• Scotland: 3
• Australia: 2
• Sweden: 2
• Switzerland: 2
• Slovenia: 2
• Austria: 1
• Denmark: 1
• Israel: 1
• Northern Ireland: 1
• United Arab Emirates: 1
• Wales: 1

There are 79 other cases that are considered suspicious and are awaiting confirmation by laboratory tests. Of this total, 61 are in Spain; 11 in Canada; The rest are in Argentina, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Israel and Italy.

In the United Kingdom, the place with the largest number of infected people, health authorities expect the emergence of new cases in the coming days, with the deepening of epidemiological investigations to understand how the disease considered to be of low transmission between humans has spread so quickly.

“The risk to the UK population remains low, but we are asking people to be alert for any new rashes or infections on any part of the body,” the UKHSA’s chief medical advisor said in a statement today.

Head of Emerging Diseases and Zoonoses Department World Health Organization (WHO)This week, epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove said these are “not typical patterns of monkeypox transmission,” but stressed that the virus is very different from what causes Covid-19, reducing the risks of a global spread similar to that of the virus. that caused the current epidemic.