November 29, 2022
The numbers could favor Vasco in the last round of the second division;  understand

The numbers could favor Vasco in the last round of the second division; understand

One round of the Brazilian Championship’s Série B end, Cruzeiro and Grêmio are already guaranteed to make the 2023 Elite, while Bahia, Vasco, Ituano and Sport battle it out for third and fourth places. However, in only three of the 16 editions of Segundana with consecutive points, a team that was outside the ratings area confirmed reaching the end of Round 38. This happened in the years 2014, 2018, and 2019.

If the numbers favor those in the G-4 – in this case, Bahia and Vasco – then a head-to-head confrontation could change the scenario for this tournament. Fourth place with 59 points, and could overtake Gigante da Colina, fifth with 57, if he loses next Sunday’s match, scheduled for 18:30 (GMT), at Noveli Junior Stadium, in Ito-SP.

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Third place with 59 points, Bahia only needs a draw against Valencia, also on Sunday, in Maceio, to qualify. Sport, who are in sixth place with 56 points, have to beat Villa Nova, on the same day, at Oba Stadium, in Goiania, and are seven goals ahead of Bahian team.

It is worth noting that in the event of a defeat against Ituano, Vasco can continue in G4 if Bahia lose their match with two goals more than Carioca Club. For example, if the setback Cruz Maltino 1-0, Bahia team 3-0.

Chance to reach the Italian League *:

  • cruise – 100%
  • Syndicate – 100%
  • Bahia – 97.6%
  • Vasco – 52.8
  • Ituano – 49.6
  • Sports – 0.046

Team clashes in the fight for the G-4

  • CRB × Bahia
  • Ituano x Vasco
  • Villa Nova x Sport

Avaí, CSA and Atlético-GO advanced in the last round

Avaí was the first club from the Serie B points era to enter the G-4 in the final round. In 2014, in the 37th round, Santa Catarina finished sixth with 59 points, the same score as Boa Esporte, who had another victory. In the last round, Liao da Ilha defeated Vasco, 1-0, and finished fourth with 62 points, after a setback from Boa to Icasa, 3-2, and Atlético-Go, who finished fifth. , for Santa Cruz, in a ratio of 3 to 2. On that occasion, Joinville, Ponte Prieta and Vasco also went up.

In 2018, the CSA’s role was to take Ponte Preta’s place and advance to the First Division. In Round 37, Alagoas finished fifth with 59 points, the same score as Ponte Preta, fourth, but with a balance. One of the best goals. In the last round, CSA crushed Juventus 4-0 and went up alongside Fortaleza, Avaí and Goiás. Ponte was 0-0 with Avai and finished fifth.

The following year, in 2019, Atlético-GO took last place in the First Division. In Round 37, Dragão was fifth with 61 points, the same score as Team América-MG, who had two more wins. But in the last round, Atlético drew 0-0 with Sport, while Coelho lost 2-1 to Sao Bento, and on that occasion, Bragantino, Sport and Curitiba also went up.

postpone judgment

Before the conclusion of the last round of the second division, there was a referee that caught the eye. This Thursday, the Supreme Court of Sport Justice (STJD) will rule on Sport on the events in the Vasco match, for the 35th round. Some Pernambuco fans invaded Ilha do Retiro turf after the team’s equalizer, in injury time; The game did not resume after the invasion.

Last Wednesday, the trial was postponed, following a decision by the auditor, Rapporteur of the Fourth Disciplinary Committee of the Syrian Court for Justice and Democracy, Adrian Hassan. The new date has not yet been set. However, Sport and Vasco remained the same until the end of the round.

In referee, Rubro-Negro can lose the added point in the match, and Cruz-Maltino is guaranteed two extra points. If that happens on Thursday, the Pernambuco team will not have a chance to arrive, Gigante da Colina will already be guaranteed in Serie A and there will only be one place in the elite, Bahia or Ituano.

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The Sports Legal Department even appealed to the STJD to postpone the trial. The possibility left Vasco worried. Now, with the postponement confirmed, the four clubs vying for two places in the elite will be able to focus on the row on the pitch, on Sunday.

* Figures from the Mathematics Department of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)