July 22, 2024

The obsession with searching for diseases on the Internet has a name

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The obsession with searching for diseases on the Internet has a name
The obsession with searching for diseases on the Internet has a name

With the advancement of digital media, searching for information has become much easier. Such a development is very important, but the abundance of information must be considered very carefully when it comes to health. Thus, not all the content available about diseases or health problems should be taken literally. This is because the things that those who research the topic read can often frighten and cause Cyberchondria.

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What is cyberchondria?

Cyberchondria is a new term created to define the habit of consulting the internet when feeling something different in the body. People with this trait tend to look for symptoms in search of a diagnosis. However, this will likely give you wrong answers about your health.

Cyberchondria is a combination of the terms “cyber”, which refers to the virtual universe, and “chondria”, which means chaos. Therefore, this condition is seen as an evil of the twenty-first century, a disease of the digital age, precisely because of the impact that technology and the Internet have had on our lives.

behavior vs. Knowledge

Searching for data and information related to health is not a problem, even the Internet makes it possible to circulate this information more quickly. Additionally, researching a specific disease and/or symptom can help you find a doctor, and lead a healthier lifestyle, among other positive things. But for that, it is essential that this be informed research.

However, cyberchondria can lead to self-medication, as well as cause anxiety attacks due to the distress in front of what is read. This is because often, when looking for information about a disease or a symptom, we will find extreme situations and situations that can be frightening. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention so that this search for information does not become a behavior that negatively interferes with their quality of life.

In addition, although cyberchondria is not a disease, it can lead to an individual developing dysarthria, a psychological disorder caused by illness, in which the person lives with excessive worry about having a health problem. In addition, people with this condition tend to consult with several doctors and undergo examinations more frequently.

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