The oil is clean does not exist, says the PQ

Le pétrole propre n’existe pas, dit le PQ

If the prime minister François Legault is allowed to reject the “dirty oil” from Alberta, the Parti québécois warned that there is no “oil clean”. He claims that the CAQ would end the oil project Galt, Gaspé.

The member of the parti québecois de Gaspé Méganne Perry Mélançon is “absolutely ridiculous” to hear talk of oil operations in the “ecosystem sensitivity” of the Gaspé peninsula.

Since the beginning of January, the ministry of Environment reviews the application of the company’s Cuda Oil and Gas, which wants to exploit this deposit, located about 20 km from Gaspé.

In December, the prime minister Legault had raised the ire of the political class in Alberta by rejecting the pipeline project Energy East, calling the oil “dirty energy”, compared to the hydro Québec.

“There is no oil of its own,” insisted Mrs Perry Mélançon during question period Wednesday. “It is inconceivable to let them evolve in the Galt project, which would become the first petroleum project in Québec,” she adds.

The mp asked that the government caquiste cease immediately the study of this project. What has not been accepted by the minister of natural Resources Jonatan Julien. “Our government does not have a dogmatic view in relation to the development of hydrocarbons”, has he supported.

The project will therefore be studied, but must absolutely meet two criteria, ” says Mr. Julien : the social acceptability and the respect of the environment.

To defile the Gaspé peninsula

Ms. Perry Mélançon is of the opinion that it is necessary to stop immediately the steps to avoid that they did”open the door” to other oil companies and hydraulic fracturing. Addressing the minister of the Environment, Benoit Charette, she wondered “why he wants to pollute the territory of the Gaspé peninsula for 40 years for the equivalent of 42 days of oil consumption at the current level of Quebec?”

Mr Cart sought to be reassuring by explaining that if this project sees the light of day, “it will be done in the most strict environmental rules existing.” But according to him, nothing is certain yet.

To the minister of the Environment, the environmental awareness of the PQ is amazing. “It is this same party that, in the same region, has done everything to develop the project, which, still to this day, is the most polluting industry in quebec in the field of greenhouse gas emissions,” he decried, referring to the cement plant in Port-Daniel.

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